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  1. Need a legit cvv site

    Try poison.ru
  2. Wss market

    I use it all the time but right now it’s not good because they need to update
  3. Nfc

    Anyone ever use any type of nfc payment at the pump? Does it ask for pin or zip
  4. Region lock

    Thank you for letting me know!
  5. Region lock

    I’ve been getting nothing but region lock bins I know there’s a software out there that can check for region locks. Pm if you know a software!
  6. 76 gas

    Anyone got the bin for a 76 gas station cc

    I use a similar method. Using socks cc cleaner is to much and your a magnet to getting your order declined because it’s not hard for a site to detect it.
  8. Writing Blank CC

    Pm me
  9. "Unable To Process Payment" Everytime

    Most retailers don’t accept a back up swipe so even if the chip isn’t working they won’t allow the swipe to go through. All depends on retailers the only way is for the actually dump to be a non chip card aka 101
  10. PayPal issue

    Every time I try linking a paypal account it says unable to set up preaproved payments anyone know why this is happening or how to solve it? (All cards active)
  11. Job Offer For New and Expert Carders

    Gang sh*t
  12. noob for real carding

    Pdasterly pm me
  13. 76 cc bin

    Sent pm to both