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  1. Teaching And Lving life

    to do some business you need a lot education. and most important is try Everything you might lose, but everytime you lose get something valueble wich is most valueble asset in the world wich is: EXPERINCE!! Learn the deals and trades .... not one person who have paid their dues.. will not give you knowledge or money for free!! Success comes from the hard way! What you think people here wake Up at the morning... and someone is waiting them with cash... or with some knowledge? lol.. its never gona happening, and if ever someone will take you like kid and will Help you then You Better be grateful 4 that and learn! in other Words , if You want to be someone one day then You need to train yourself ! I been working hard myself I hate lazy bastards! Everybody have worked hard they way Up and Now some one Coming here and creating thread like this! Man Up Dude!!
  2. Job Offer For New and Expert Carders

    okay maybe u are Right, u know Better
  3. Job Offer For New and Expert Carders

    im Not sure You Can Get any good cards Even. I have Not find any legit card vendors. im just Wondering how the carders Good do the carding if they Don't cards. and I Don't see any carders here really!! im 100% sure that carding is Dead!
  4. Loans /Credit I Can provide

    just send me pm.
  5. Loans /Credit I Can provide

  6. i need someone who Can send e-mail s

    no i Don't i just need who Can send regular e-mails. spams are Even better profit but regular way works too.
  7. i need someone who Can send e-mail s

    im looking for who Can send e-mails. Work by %. you should use publick Wi-Fi. Good Money! Need Asap! we Can start Today !
  8. crypto cloud Mining

    Who can get investors in my crypto cloud mining project? anyone here? im looking for promoter or % partner! the website is ready now
  9. is any good legit decentralized crypto exchangers?

    anyone know any good decentralized no id verification needed crypto exchanger? bit out of topic but i heared a lot rumours about polo, binance, kraken.. that they take your funds? Since polo is with Circle its hard to belive they could scam? why should they put their reputation in risk.. anyways thnx 4 sugesstions ✌
  10. usdc who Deal?

    USDC If you Deal with this lets be partners. Direct dealing without middleman