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  1. Coinmama partner

    I have many cvv looking for cashout partner, cvv from call recordings from our company, anyone can help me work on this please contact me, thanks
  2. Important For Newbies

    1nf3rn0, hi bro can you pls help me, i have a lot of cvv from our company, from call recordings, i know that i can have profits selling this but i want to use it for cashout or carding , can you recommend me a legit services to make some profits from this, do you know some trusted partners that have 2d payment gateways shop? Or any recommendations on what to do on this stuff, Thank you bro i hope u can help me
  3. Im looking for legit partners or recommendations on how i can cashout all this cvv's from our company's clients! I use luxchecker and i always get live cards because it is from fresh call recordings. like credit/debit platinum, classic, etc. Our clients is always from US . I know i can sell this info but i think i can get profit fast if i card this infos. I hope someone reputable can help me out and we share profits!
  4. Carders needed | Earn %40 - Payment 24hr

    pls pm details bro,,, i have many cvv semi fullz from our company (call recordings) and looking for partners, ,
  5. Looking for mentor or partner!

    i have a lot of fresh cvvs or semi fullz from our company. im searching for mentoring how to cashout this, or teach me how to setup merchant acct with bankdrops, so i can cashout this infos. but any other recommendation or offer is welcome, even partnership. this infos are all from US. old member and trusted pls.
  6. 1. jaynabiyoo 2. https://crdclub.cc/member.php?u=149797 3. Ripper promised me a merchant account setup for $50 but receive nothing after sending btc. 4. @hllowrld 5. i will provide full logs, proofs, screnshots if needed.