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  1. Learn how to build CPNs from scratch and add TRADELINES

    I'm in Добавлено через 41 секунду My telegram is noeyedeer Добавлено через 2 минуты 55 секунд My tele I NoIdeer sorry

    what do u need
  3. Need drops in CA

    I ice in Cali and have multiple drops
  4. Looking for Bank Account Fullz

    I have what you need and more
  5. Need help with non vbv USA bin

    you think you could share a couple non vbv bins with me too please?
  6. Job Offer For New and Expert Carders

    can u help me out bro? im willing to work for you if you can help me card or share your methods please
  7. looking for partner live USA UK

    hey there! i live in oceanside, california USA... If you want a real, legit, reliable partner than im your guy... contact me when you read this
  8. i need someone who Can send e-mail s

    i can send emails
  9. need cashier/carder worldwide bank logins

    you can send me cash through W/U MG etc.. i have mutiple ids
  10. Partner cashout

    if you want a long time, reliable partner than im your guy... im in california and will send you your funds as soon as i pick them up!

    es get it!

    what about usa accounts?
  13. EU pick up and loan drops.

    im intrested. please explain more