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    need this too ... have merchant can cash 50k usd
  2. Looking to buy EMV info

    what do u want to do with thoses?
  3. Verifone vx670 skimmer

    go on free section post the Free SDK and the manual of this if you say it's free ( that will help the community for exple ) stop talking bullshit and go ... i think you someone from France from what i see your english and words
  4. Verifone vx670 skimmer

    that lebowski man is very unbelievable ... he is on all thread , saying nothing talking nothing .. he talk about verifone like on ATM there is not WinXp Os . Man
  5. VBV cashout

    this service is still up and working very well ... escrow are welcome if you are serious ... 60k EU can be cashed on my gateway
  6. Got a pos and proof u paying the supplier?

    non us card ... vbv card EU/ASIA/... or non VBV card EU/ASIA/... accept escrow ...
  7. Got a pos and proof u paying the supplier?

    vbv transaction accepted on my pos ... can accept 70k usd payment
  8. *.Ist extract

    I plan to extract *.ist file from a SDA card who can direct me because the old x1 soft cannot do it cuz when i try to rewrite data with news dumps it don't update the new dumps inside
  9. you say you have EU no vbv with know balance bro ?
  10. VBV cashout

    i have payment gateway i can receive payment from vbv Card , Payment is 24 hour after ... Can Cash up to 50k per 48 hour . Money Is going directly inside bank acc
  11. Paypal 499 USD

    i pay it your price . If you can make payment on a website i send you 30% of all the available balance . I you think you can card something with that account contact me I i deposit immediat escrow
  12. Саморег Paypal 530$

    can you make payment on a website with this ? if yes i pay it now ... you make payment yourself
  13. I need a partner with cards from mexico

    i have mexico cvv contact me!
  14. Point Of Sale Shimmer

    emv work just be patient when new method die and it will be leaked . stop listening non sense explication . it's easier to rip pple who haven't school so stay far for discussion about this subject . i bet the said man leboswki was present on the sda day and was still talking that emv is not broken with non sense chip explication . personally on forum u will not find help like 2000's year and 2010~2013 year . just look at yourself if on this forum you see someone who is giving job or work ? everything is closed because 13 y old boy killed carding ( u see 12 y old boy swip and get busted )