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  1. You got telegram? I prefer to contact you via telegram. Thanks.
  2. pincod - @fullzlord - 75$

    Wow, he created a new forum username after I reported his old username to the moderator. He is still using the same Telegram ID: @fullzlord. https://carding.ug/showthread.php?t=47391 https://carding.ug/showthread.php?t=43564
  3. Need help with non vbv USA bin

    PM me too if you are free to share that info. Thanks.

    I've successfully created and verified US Coinbase account but received this error Why are buys and deposits disabled on my account? Does this account has been limited forever?
  5. cashout vitual card

    You asking for someone who can cash out or you are asking for tutorial?
  6. Mint.com Alternative?

    Does anyone know any site that can be used to look for mini deposit other than mint.com? Before this, it worked for me (for Suntrust bank logs). But, now it will ask for sms verification code or mail verification code. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Sent a message to your Jabber but no replied till today.
  8. looking for us vcc cashout

    I can cash out CA card. PM me your telegram. We can try with US card.
  9. I sent a message to your Jabber bro. But, still no replied. Can you confirm, have you received my message on Jabber or not? I would like to buy a verified UK Revolut account. Thanks.
  10. I sent you a chat on Jabber. Are you still using the Jabber id on your profile?
  11. Who can load USBank.com?

    Thanks bro for the advise. I just need it for a starter (testing with some services) since I can create unlimited USBank drop so I've no worries if my current bank drop was suspended.
  12. Who can load USBank.com?

    I can do escrow. How much do you charge if I want $100 ACH transfer to my USBank account?
  13. Who can load USBank.com?

    I have USBank.com account with card access. PM me if you can load fund into this bank. Thank you.
  14. PayPal Service

    Full bank account with mail access too?
  15. USA and AU Banks

    Still waiting for your reply in Jabber. Have a look at my message bro. Thanks.