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  1. plz somebody help me how to buy good dumps

    mate if you in states you still have some chance for sucsess you buy same state base try mix bins to get good bin. but if u not in state then very difficult to find working bin for ur regions must needed hard work and $$$$ too. TRY hand in skimming also need some smartness $$$ and hard work to get ur own stuff better ideas for new boys..
  2. 201 dumps on AU POS

    burn it with electric capacitors mate.
  3. 201 dumps on AU POS

    Only by trying mate or u can ask partners around thats only way i think. or try small banks or may be high level bins .
  4. 201 dumps on AU POS

    Bro probably your bin not opening , you doing correct . Or may be you can try destroy chip so that pos automatically convert to 101 for swipe for better approval some time.
  5. Dump and pin cashier needed urgently!!!

    Lol mate who say dp close in india ?
  6. webstressers?

    Yeahh read it somewer bdw he was good . @polox mate still you can find some good one from google and tor
  7. ATM pinpad - [BUY]

    Sorry to jump in but looking for same too. bro have u find any intresting and perfect pad so far ?
  8. Around bro ? am not finding thread in verified area. need to order some