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  1. I need a Brazilian CC supplier

    Please contact me at telegram @raphaelmvb or skype raphaelmvb
  2. Carding Brasil

    I am looking for some carder from Brazil, mainly from the region of SP to exchange information, help each other. I have some experience in this world, but it's little, I need someone to teach me, I may even pay, but not much. PM me and talk, pass my contacts
  3. I need to know what to study

    I am fascinated by this world of carding, but I know almost nothing, could anyone tell me which way to go? Should I study programming language, databases, website intrusion, computer networks? Someone could tell me, give me a way which I can become a good carder. I want to be able to do my own methods, get my CC, I have free time, I can dedicate myself all day long
  4. Brasil - Cadê ?

    Cadê os carders Brasileiros desse fórum ?
  5. shopping with cc from another country

    I have some cc from other countries and I want to use them to do some shopping, I used socks and proxy country of the holder but I did not succeed, what did I miss? Добавлено через 4 минуты 38 секунд I apologize, now that I saw that I asked a question on the wrong topic, it was in questions to beginners.
  6. Full CC - BRASIL

    Bianca Gomes Barbosa Itabuna-BA CEP: 45604-084 CPF: 401.925.436-28 4539 1353 7774 2123 Validade: 5/2023 CVV: 665
  7. Job Offer For New and Expert Carders

    I need the job ICQ: 746420295
  8. I'm looking for you to teach me all about carding

    I'm looking for someone who can teach me all about carding, I have some knowledge about, but I'm tired of taking a chance, I work all day and I still study, I do not have much time to dedicate myself to carding, I pay someone to help me. ICQ: 746420295
  9. Earn up to $ 100 dollars a week with no effort

  10. Job for Brazilians

    I'm looking for people residing in Brazil who want to resell Info CC/CC FULL. My icq: 746420295 obs: Talk to me in portuguese. obs2: Job for brazilians natos
  11. Earn money by browsing the web

    I found in a forum that extension, you install it in chrome or firefox and quit surfing the net. In the forum the person posted evidence that this extension pays. He said that in three days of use he won three dollars. https://surfe.be/ext/187351
  12. I need to find a method

    I have no idea what to do, I've tried havij, sqli dumper, dork, google dork, fake page and so far I have not got results, can anyone help? What is the best method? ICQ: 746420295
  13. is there another way besides spamming?

    I am having several problems with hosting my fake page among other things, I have studied a lot about spamming and I have seen that it is not for me, there is another way to get CC, besides buying. I do not have money, otherwise I would buy
  14. Scam Page, Netflix, Fake page

    Hello, I do fake screen of several types (banks, stores, netflix, etc ...) icq: 746420295