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  1. 815 Credit Score I want to do it right

    I like the optimism about plenty more where this came from. The individual is getting along in their years and one thing I havent been able to find is any reference to social media at all. So I drive by at different times looking to see something and I can't even catch a car. Any ideas for getting the DL or state ID somehow? Washington state if that helps. Im in the process of getting a prepaid sim card which I hope along with the virtual credit card that I bought with bitcoins will enable me to do some new credit. Ill check google street view for the mailbox. If I was going to apply for credit after doing some research on places would it be best to apply to X number of places all in the same day? And is there a limit on that number? Thanks again
  2. 815 Credit Score I want to do it right

    I have SSN, dob, mmn, enough background data to have pulled a freecreditreport.com and a creditkarma.com One of the better profiles I've ever seen, not that I've seen that many. And the kicker is is that they live maybe 20 minutes away from me. I'm in a tight spot in life right now and I want to make this count if at all possible. I don't need to be rich from it but I'd like to get more than just a couple hundred. Last time I messed with something like this was in 2007 and they didn't have all the text verification that they do now among other new security measures. If anyone has some advice I'm all ears.