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  1. What do I need to Card Gift Cards?

    Fresh CC from any shop or a trusted vendor RDP Jet Cleaner/CCleaner A fresh Email Address gift card Website. First, you need a CC which you can get from any online dealer. Unicc in buying all my CC. Then, clear your history and cookies. There are tools out there to help you clear your cookies. Another step is to create an email address. It will be suspicious to use a disposable email, I will suggest creating an outlook email address. Use the same name with the one on the cc you are carding. E.g. if the name in the credit card is Michael Fox, go to outlook and create an email like michaelfox485@outlook.com. Having followed the procedures above, you are almost close to the promise land. Now is the time to create Amazon account. Go to Amazon and create an account with the same details as the cc owner using the email address you have created. Once done, try amazon prime membership with it. Link the cc to store and cart a product below $50, leave it for 48 hours before taking the next step. Check out the carted product. Be sure to type billing address as shipping address and it should be the real address of the cc owner. This simply means that you are buying stuff for the owner. It will look real and Amazon will confirm your order almost immediately. Once confirmed, more pages on amazon carting more products which you are not going to check out. Your Gift Card Carding is almost complete. Now, visit your gift card store e-giftcards and choose e-gift card amount below $500. Mail the gift card to your email address which is the outlook you created. these is the gift card site i use :www.cardcash.com ,amazon and walmart thxxx