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  1. Sell EMV Reader & Writer Software v8.6

    admin ban this rat and close this thread! fucking bastard!
  2. Take a picture of both of it.. put in a frame on your salon’s wall
  3. Change site

    Check pm

    This guy retired long time ago, why your faking his info?

    No real seller here all scam don t trust no one
  6. Lol, https://imgur.com/a/AuvcSVV This guy questioning me whats my budget in btc! Fucking scammer ah?
  7. Admin, i m not considered. Please take into consideration what i m saying.. Maxemalseya is a trouble maker with too Many members here Not the fact that he is ukrainian or russian makes him good for you. I hope you investigate well and listen to ramadan before you take acrions Too many craps maxemalesya post in too many places for nothing.
  8. I have the software to install on tampered machine if u areninterested
  9. Purest money, bro yes i m not looking to get many involved. I just explained that scripts/soft process of what i want and if it exists how it is not being sold and hidden!
  10. Group Buying for EMV Software

    Interesting and i m in, the guy is perfect and the software is very good. Too many haters here will attack, just ignore brothrt. Writer of this thread i m 100% with you
  11. its fake my friend , x2 is fake!! do not trust this lame ripper recently joined the forum
  12. Really? Hehe.. what have u done? Just explaining what i m looking for? The 2nd one is what i want exactly, but its not 100% how you said it, because i dont use swift and also i dont need past messages! But you did n t help, you described water by water!!