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  1. Socks5/Vpn

    What is actually socks5/vpn and will I still be able to do online carding with out or is it mandatory to have
  2. Is VPN actually necessary ?!?

    pi9xxx what do you order with your cvv2 to make a profit?
  3. Is VPN actually necessary ?!?

    I’ve been wondering is vpn or socks5 necessary if I’m using tor browser to purchase my cvv2 and fulls, but i use a iPhone for the online shopping.
  4. How to use cvv/fullz??

    What tips do you have when ordering online using cvv
  5. Cvv Help

    zylofone, I’m just asking should I order something more expensive like $1,000 and up or should my first order be something cheaper
  6. Cvv Help

    Recently I bought some cvv2 from Brian’s club but they all got declined I tried to order some basic things on like a Mac book, Clothes , jewelry etc but everything thing is declined even Uber eats. Should I order something expensive online or start with something cheap What tips do you guys have I’m new to this so all answers are helpful