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  2. Fire bins for use in CANADA

    alcapone, hey bro do u know how long it takes to get your account activated on this website? It’s been 3 days since my registration
  3. Hi, Can anybody kindly explain to me how dumps work with nfc please? I really want to know how it works. Is it like you use a application to write the track 2 dumps onto a NFC then you can use it as tapping your card? If so which application or software will I use? I’m also very confused with how to use this with AirPay it Mywallet? Does this method work with Canadian domestic cards? Any tips or hint will be very appreciated. Thank you all,
  4. Hey guys, People told me that Asian or EU 201 works in Canada. I bought a Chinese 201 and it worked for me on my mobile square account for 200$(which only have swipe), but I got instantly declined in store when I tried to do a fallback transaction on a EMV pos instote. I have tried another Germany 201 dumps but the result was the same? I’m kinda lost and wonder if there’s any experienced Canadian carders who would like to share me a lil tips? Or is instore carding and dumps shit are dead in Canada? I’m based in Toronto btw Thank you, Добавлено через 9 минут 43 секунды And it’s impossible to use local Canadian cards since there’s only 201 and both visa and master will instantly decline for local cards fallback transactions. My ICQ:745829806
  5. NFC carding with dumps question

    Hey guys I’ve heard about people use dumps with NFC for tapping transactions with android pay. I only know you can use a bank log or a cvv for Android pay but have never heard about dumps with android pay. If it’s true I wonder what kind of dumps do you need for NFC android pay? Just a normal track 2 dumps? Would be appreciated if anyone would like to share some info. I can buy you a any country’s free dump if your method works. Thank you.
  6. Where to buy blank credit card looks plstic?

    Hi, Thanks for replying. I wonder which type of materials do you use for wiping the numbers on the card? I just bought a embossor recently and is Walmart card also good for embossing? Or is there any other cards that I should be using for embossor? Thank you,
  7. Where to buy blank credit card looks plstic?

    Hey guys, Can I ask where do people purchase those blank credit card look cards for embossing? or They just print it by themselves?
  8. Is carding dead in Canada?

    Is carding dead in Canada in 2018?
  9. What dumps to use in canada

    Canada7dry, hey bro what’s your icq
  10. What dumps to use in canada

    Thank you for replying so maybe I should use a Asian 101 card? Or it possible that it’s because of I’m using a visa classic? Will it work if I use a US plat card? Thank you
  11. What dumps to use in canada

    Hey guys, I wonder what dump works in Canada without pin? I tried a US 101 visa classic in Toronto today and it couldn’t even be used for a 1.5$ bread.
  12. does t1 really matter?

    Wondering that too any updates?
  13. Hi,thank you for replying!! Is it worth to get real antidetect 7.4? And is it possible to card Uber gift card daily? Thank you!!
  14. Hey guys I’ve been started carding for like a month, and 1.I’m only targeting Uber gift cards from uber’s Own website. I tried To card from Using Starbucks wifi in a windows 10 virtual mashing but I can barely success.( my cards never get declined but they lately always email me and say that they aren’t able to process my order.) I’m super stressed and I don’t know where I did wrong because I’m using local cards with local network.( the emails I’m using are always outlook) Maybe Uber blocked releasing e-giftcards toward my region? Can anyone who has experience with Uber gift card sure some tips please? Thank you. I only sucessed for like 2 times.( first time in Starbucks and the second time by using a schoool wifi) 2.Also can I ask is it worth to buy the real antidetect 7.4? I used a 7.3 cracked version to card Uber gift card but I have never succeed. 3. Can I ask if there’s any good carding money making method in Canada please? Thank you guys