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  1. For every newbie out there... Read&Learn

  2. For every newbie out there... Read&Learn

    Where is my money BASTARD?????
  3. bank logs + full info | US | UK | CANADA

    Sharx is ripper. Ordered Canadian RBC log from him. Paid 100USD to him and he disappeared. I don't recommend to have a business with this beggar and ripper!!
  4. 1000$ Cash ! FREE EMV ATM AREAS ...Wanted

    I know maxmalesya for many years. And my experience is only positive with him. Good luck in your business, bro.
  5. Looking for partners with bank drops

    Listen, you are piece of shit!!! You took my money and never did anything!!!!! I will make a report to black list. Let people see who you are!!!! Добавлено через 29 секунд hinzuren,
  6. Looking for partners with bank drops

    Hinzuren is a ripper!!! 1. He refused the ESCROW here. 2. He took money and never did anything. Just bla bla bla Do not trust him!!! Добавлено через 12 минут 53 секунды WHERE IS MY MONEY FUCKING BASTARD????
  7. who need Hong Kong and China Bank drop

    If you show me any evidence which can prove that I asked you to give me anything upfront I will say sorry to you in public! If not - you must do the same. I have all logs with our conversation. I can prove it!!!
  8. who need Hong Kong and China Bank drop

    Stop playing with those pills, man. You offered me to work about Apple pay and Samsung pay. I answered I don't have this. Another time you asked me if Cyprus d p can work in China. I answered - need to check. And I never asked you anything upfront. Come here and tell face to face this shit. About kid, I would show you in real. And would like to see how would you run away. Very brave on the sofa?
  9. who need Hong Kong and China Bank drop

    man, what are you talking about? I even didn't want your d p. I told you I'm not sure it will work here. And offered different things just not wire transfers.
  10. who need Hong Kong and China Bank drop

    you can't do transfer to China. What's the reason for escrow?

    Gentlemen, welcome for cooperation! While you are thinking others are making money! Good percentage! Fast and reliable cashout! Welcome new partners!!!

    Professional cashout in China. A lot of personal and business accounts. Ready to receive SWIFT wire transfers, UnionPay card accounts deposits. Ready for ESCROW! Welcome for cooperation all who can do international wire transfer. It's very convenient destination. Transfers from Australia arrive within 8 hours, from USA and Canada within 8 hours. Since there is a time difference holder will not see what happened with his account.

    answered PM Добавлено через 29 секунд answered PM