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  1. UK NON VBV BINS 2018

    share for free
  2. The game finally dead men!

    this man i don't know what he is doing here ... sooo stupid that better he go and sell NanoSmoke Hookah !!!
  3. EMV Software

    i'm finding real X1 1.4 soft that can save *.ist and load normally the data with specific dumps track2 inside the jcopcard . All X1 when u try to load the *.ist you saved and with injected track2 ,it just burned like clone cd with all data and don't insert the dumps data you have typed .
  4. The real deal EMV SOFTWARE! Seriously!

    you have stopped chipso scam and now you are buying fake notes from deep markeet
  5. The real deal EMV SOFTWARE! Seriously!

    this guy is confirmed to be the ripper soccorio he started removing -rep his passion and his DNA . it's confirmed now this guy is a ripper and his new clone account of soccorio the famous ripper . just look at the end of the video the card he really inserted the card he write on it is not jcop and the last stupid thing is he cut the video on every part to hide his scam
  6. The real deal EMV SOFTWARE! Seriously!

    Nov 2018 , 2 post , and u already selling an asteroid from Neptune ? selling of this kind of product should be prohibited cuz all are scam . At the end of the video this scammer made a mistaken see here on the above pics the real card he inserted inside the ATM
  7. POS CASHOUT 50%/50%

    yes funny very funny
  8. Обналю Mastercars EU non vbv и с vbv pass

    can you deposit escrow ? I have EU VBV and NON VBV Visa/Master From Botnet
  9. pos linked to btc wallet processor so after swipe pin direct bitcoin transaction .
  10. windercard Payment Gateway

    у кого есть мусорное ведро, которое может передать этот платежный шлюз ? это не 3D-безопасность и не VBV ... это простой шлюз, но выберите бен я платю гаранту https://imgur.com/6ztoLHZ
  11. Как вам joker stash d+p ?

    joker why so many complain on different forum about your cc base is your checker that kill cc before ?