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  1. Always hitting VBV ? What am i doing wrong?

    Why don't you just go for Fullz? You can just use that to bypass the vbv then. if you can spend 10E on it then add in another 5-15E and then just get the fullz. At least that way, you can get some. Well that's just my opinion, you do you man. Regards error32
  2. Important For Newbies

    How many cards does a person card at the same time? I know that a few methods take a while such as 3 days to 2 weeks. So does everyone do multiple cards at the same time or just focus on one?
  3. Important For Newbies

    Can you use the same CC for multiple sites? Like i could try 100$ on amazon and then using the same CC for a google play GC another 50$ and then use it with skrill 50$ for BTC?
  4. Email and Disposable Virtual Numbers ?

    Hi, Does anyone know a place where one can purchase aged email preferably 10 days and a disposable phone numbers for verification and so on. I found several services and was wondering what was the well rated ones according to the crd community. Please do leave your reviews and preferred ones. Thanks in advance. Regards Error32
  5. The Title Speaks it all. I require methods and sites(along with their best bins),(only india) In return i am willing to provide disposable phone numbers of India(Real SIMs, will be mailed to you or i will just provide Virtual Access) and drop addresses in india. Please Do Not post anything. PM me directly. I understand that it is forbidden to sell guides and tutorials here, but i am exchanging what i have in return for methods. Which i don't think is wrong i think. If it is please do call out, and i will delete it. Regards Error32
  6. Beginner can someone answer a few questions?

    Anti detect software would be ? anti detect browser or could you iterate on it ? can i pm you?
  7. Beginner can someone answer a few questions?

    What can a carder card other than giftcards, hotel and plane tickets? I'm talking about Virtual carding Paypal,amazon, best buy, home depo,walmart, leaving all these major ones aside. I've heard of game keys but what are the possible ones? Thanks for helping me out for the previous one.
  8. Beginner can someone answer a few questions?

    Hey, just a question. This is something i noticed. When you use a socks5 proxy does anyone check the dns leak extended ? Because whenever i do that i can see my own ip address reflecting in the extended test. Won't this affect opsec? or does the extended test not work when used after the deed is done? I might be tad too paranoid.. Is a clean socks5 by itself quite enough for Virtual Carding? cause all the tutorials here mention a clean socks5 is quite enough, but looking at the extended dns test a little scared. So just hoping for a confirmation.
  9. Regular CC limit before VBV is activated

    Alright so noobiest question possible but this is one that i can't get my head around. Hi, Y'all a little help would be appreciated. Thanks I get a regular CC (the one with state,city,zip,fname,lname,Cvv,exp) now this regular CC as i like to call it, if i am trying to purchase something less than 150$ does the vbv screen come up? or do i need to have the SSN and DOB ready to bypass this? I want to be ready before i start, as in have bulk CC so that i know if i miss one i can still try on the other. Fullz are expensive and all i'm trying to do is get my first hit. So does the VBV come up regardless of price or does it come up regardless? A little more info on the VBV/3DS system would be much appreciated.