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  1. Very Stupid Question

    To every one of you, in order of reply: 1nf3rn0: Yeah, I tried booting Kali on my one PC, it decided it was going to not install to disk and ended up breaking the whole thing. KeyWe: You better hadn't try to give me a virus. Lebowski: Read my response to 1nf3rn0's reply. SQLMap? I'll look it up, but SQL Dumper and its won't work on my laptop due to it being "blocked" for some mysterious reason. Also so what? Some other guy can take 'em. I don't really care as long as I can get one in the end. CgroupC: Let me clarify. I thought originally that Havij Pro was able to pull it off with just the website name attached to the dork. Whoops. I know how to use Python CMD, I have it installed (but pip is somehow corrupt). I know my dorks. I know how to get good ones, and find vulnerable sites. Where can I find SQLMap, or other hacking tools, then?
  2. Very Stupid Question

    Does anyone know of a good carding program other than Havij Pro or is able to give me a link to a github (or a deepweb equivalent to github) repository that is able to perform similarly to Havij? I've seemed to have no luck with it and I wish to try something else. HB
  3. Brother, may I ask you what tools you used to card Amazon? If you can PM me about how you did it so I can as well, much appreciation. -1HB
  4. In need of a fresh USA non VBV cc!

    If anyone has a cc to spare to someone who literally has zero BTC, please PM me. I just need the name, number, CVV and expiry in MM/YY for a non-VBV USA cc. I need it fast cause the item I want to card has only 1 remaining!
  5. Got an SQL Table, Now What?

    Greetings, fellow Club Members! I've just found a vulnerable website and got the SQL table for it. Here's my question: How do I get this into either JSON, XML, or the CSV formats? What app do I need to use, and what are the commands needed (if required)? HB
  6. Hotmail CC Hacking Help

    I recently learned a bot exploit that allows anyone to hack a cc through exploiting a bot on Hotmail's servers that controls the cc info. I know what the exploit is except for one thing: what the bot's email is. Does anyone (who has tried this trick of the trade) know it? If you do, let me know ASAP. HB