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  1. pass vbv

    Yes, If people don't know how to use CC and CC is live, Then they shouldn't be asking for a refund! It's fine if you just buy CC's and try to get experience and learn how to use them, What is not fine in those cases is to ask for a refund, but the guy who started this thread seems to only have a little problem. If he reset the password, Than the CC seems fine, It could just be that the CC has insufficient funds!
  2. pass vbv

    Hey I believe their could be various things you are doing wrong, Like maybe the socks you are using is bad. (Blacklisted) Try to change your provider if this is the case! Another problem could be the CC, It may not have the funds for the item you are trying to card. (It may also be dead or región blocked, If you checked it before doing anything else with a Netflix, Spotify or whatever account and it passed than it still could be the CC that is bad.) When I say bad I don't mean "Dead" I just mean it doesn't have enough funds or it's region blocked. If the CC couldn't pass a Spotify, Netflix, Deezer or whatever free trial, Than it's dead. It could also be that you didn't clean your pc or you didn't clean flash cookies. It could also be that you didn't spoof your MAC Address. It could also be that you didn't spoof your UserAgent. It could even be that you didn't set your Timezone and Keyboard Language to the CC holders location! You could also try to spoof your Geolocation to whatever city or even to your CC holders house! (By using the exact Latitude and Longitude coordinates) Their could be more problems, this is all I can think of right out the bat. Hope this helped you in some way!
  3. You are not getting the point out of this... He told you that the NEGATIVE REP isn't going to affect you, You can always gain it back... I'm fairly new to this forum. I have helped a fellow member with "Stupid Questions" but I really don't mind responding... If what you are mad about is the fact that someone called you out for saying stupid questions, just don't give a shit and leave it like that. You will gain the answer to all your questions and doubts with EXPERIENCE
  4. Looking for USA drops!

    Hey i'm looking for some good loyal and honest drops available for some pickups and shippings to you! But I need one that is legit, we can all make good money on favorable terms for both sides pm me or leave your comment here. I need drops for me to start carding in the US.

    This isn't really a good way to card with the elements he suggested, there are more elements required to continue your carding career and this is not really some good information for the newbies though, The only thing I can say he did good on his post is that he actually did explain that you need to know the security implemented in the sites you wanna card to get your work to pay off with some great ship (s).
  6. need jshop invite code

    It's an old shop, I actually think their site is completely dead. Like I haven't seen their community anywhere...
  7. Beginner can someone answer a few questions?

    Sure PM me bro
  8. Beginner can someone answer a few questions?

    Yeah no problem man, You can also prevent your real ip from leaking by using a dns server that isn't your ISP's default dns. (Like google dns) and you can just use any socks that are paid and be successful even if the socks dont have their own dns by just changing your dns to a open dns like google dns. And on your current question... I can tell you that carding all of those major sites isn't hard at all. My first time that I was able to successfully card was actually on amazon! (I bought an egift card). And really a Virual Carder can card pretty much ANYTHING! I haven't tried creating a PayPal Account abd carding with it but for the rest of the sites I can assure you that they aren't hard at all to card, All you have to do is get a working and fresh Cvv! And use antidetect software. And of course the other tools which I think you already know about them... So yeah you can card anything and anywhere but like I said you need everything to be good and fresh! I recommend you buying from joker stash.
  9. Beginner can someone answer a few questions?

    Bro look, If you can, Try to get socks that have it's own DNS server. If you dont find some than use a vpn as your first layer of security and then on top of that the socks. (This will protect you from leaking your own ip and instead leak the vpn's address)(Use proxifier for configuring your socks) I recommend luxsocks.ru (It has a register fee of $500 but it's worth it) (If you really want some socks from that site than go to wall street market in the darkweb and buy socks from vendors there, They almost all use Luxsocks and socks from luxsocks cost like 0.30 - 0.35 cents of a dollar but if you dont have the $500 than use wall street market in the deep web and you can get each sock for like 3-5 dollars) If you have more questions post them here.

    Everyshop has a lot of complaints tbh... Look, at first I bought 2 cards at jstash (1 from an old base (Who knows what base it was)) and another from a more recent base (It was a base with 90-95% validity rate) and guess what! The old base cvv was complete shit and the more recent one was total fire got a lot of earnings!! ($3xx profit!) And it also lasted a week or more even! But yeah, no shop is perfect at all. Добавлено через 3 минуты 0 секунд Thats the problem... Try using some other country cards! Use ones with obviously a good bin!! And use only international cards so that you can card the UK stores. (I recommend AMEX platinum or higher) They have worked for me!

    Yo, Joker doesn't use luxchecker, He uses try2services.pm And the telegram shop seems great! But you gotta pay for an invite now to get in the telegram shop! Добавлено через 2 минуты 40 секунд Yo if you say jstash is trash, Than unicc is complete shit, I mean just look at their feedback... Dead shit in there... At least with joker you can hit 8 out 10 cvv's and unicc 1 or 2 out of 10 Добавлено через 2 минуты 16 секунд Yeah, That's only if we speak in real numbers and sells that he's getting! (It is the biggest shop out there... It has the most active buyers in there!)

    Dude have you read his rules??? He is not stealing from you, It has to do with the rating system. Don't blame him. Rules are the rules and you agreed when signing up.