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    you still looking for them? pm me if you are
  2. looking for partner live USA UK

    what kind of drop? im in us if your still looking..
  3. delete

  4. cpn with tradeline sales..

    barry, not really.. have a 1k cl with first premier and 5k cl with dfcu....
  5. think i got scammed kevin needs helps

    think kevin needs to get a real job, because this clearly explains he isnt fit. next post by him is, "jstash.bazar isnt loading, are you sure its the correct link?" and we explain, need blockchain, and it goes on and on and on. whatever you heard, saw, or read, carding doesn't replace your 9-5, your going to invest a lot of time and money, for you to start making money. don't think your going to be making thousands each day, thinking you can just buy a cc, go on a site, and use it thinking it will get shipped to whatever address you used.
  6. hi im looking for us bank drops with debit card for fast loading and cashing out on your end.. we do 50/50, no upfront, i will send and you cash and send my share.. need asapp pm me
  7. have a ssn with 740/736 with all the extras

    like the title, have 1 full info with ssn, dob, address, phone.. etc... will provide you with email accounts used to open cc. good credit history, payments, and usage... have a fresh capital one savor with 10k limit, un touched with login info... and can get you alot more... Legit SSN, not a scn or cpn... got what i needed from this one.. so selling it for a really good price.. like really cheap... pm me if interested.. will provide credit karma, tu, exp, etc...
  8. request free logs here !

    can i get a free log?
  9. Chime bank, GoBank

    i have couple chime bank thats aged with transactions and have debit cards with me also.. telegram @daheizee