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  1. SIM Card Credit Topup Service - Temporary

    Hello, Hope everyone is well Currently offering Simcard top ups internationally. Please do message me if interested (or comment, my ICQ/Jabber is no longer on public forums) 40% of value topped up with a minimum, depending on which country Usually will be done within the hour but please give me an hours notice too (as sometimes I have a backlog of orders) Thank you -ZV
  2. Need UK Fulls

    from who? -ZV
  3. UK Bins/UK Sites

    743996265 Добавлено через 36 секунд 743996265
  4. UK Bins/UK Sites

    Yo Guys Zoraverse here, member on pretty much all markets from 2013 and was a top member on AB Looking for people who are interested in trading UK based knowledge which can help us both out. Post your ICQ or Jabber if interested! -ZV
  5. UK non VBV BINS

    374281 374287 374283 377064 377310 377311 379196 379107 Mix of Safekey and non safekey, 379196 skipped on John Lewis for a good 2 weeks. -ZV
  6. Team Of Carders - UK Based

    Crdclub members, Looking to expand my current team of carders who provide goods and services to meet the demands of my clients. I need orders done daily ranging from £50-£1000 depending on what you can handle. 30% back on your side but will increase over the course of your work. Please PM me or Comment your ICQ for further information Thank you -ZV

    Hello, I am looking for some DOB reset bins, preferably MasterCard bins If you have some knowledge on these bins hit me up. Have a new hustle for these bins and we can work together Message me on ICQ 684574022
  8. Universal Credit Advance Payment

    Afternoon guys. Anyone have any insight into how to get advanced payments approved? For the amount of £1200 I believe Happy to pay you a % of victims I have in return for your assistance Please do PM me your ICQ/Wickr/Jabber/Telegram as I no longer post mine publicly Thank you! Regards
  9. Any Accurate UK DOB?

    Yo guys Looking for an accurate DOB search site or seller Thanks for your help -ZV
  10. Experienced Carders - Work

    Have a strong team of 4 looking for 2/3 more people!
  11. Experienced Carders - Work

    I am looking to build a team of experienced carders who are interested in working on a 35% basis. I have a huge clientele so you will be provided with orders ranging from £100-£1000 everyday and will be paid same day in btc regularly Please do PM me if this is something you are interested in, experienced carders only please also preferably UK based. Thank you -ZV
  12. Dumps - Probabilities!

    Service Code 101 mean (1) International interchange (o) Normal use (1) without restrictions so a 101 dump can be used in any country for goods/services payments without restrictions. 201 - (2) International interchange with IC or chip (o) normal use (1) without restrictions so 201 dump can be use in any country for goods and services payments without restrictions BUT CHIP VERIFICATION MUST BE DONE
  13. Cheque Cashing UK

    Hello Guys Anyone in UK cashing cheques regulary? I haven’t done so in a while but recently came into contact with a supplier of RBS & NatWest Professional/Experiences cashers please PM me Thank you -ZV
  14. NON VBV BINs

    Trade UK Bins? Hit me up 743996265
  15. UK looking for cardable designer sites

    Deetssosa, Add me on ICQ: 743996265 I have a few sites, mainly non VBV under certain amount but for clothes of worth skippers needed -ZV