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  1. tap and pay instore

    Thanks for the info very helpful!
  2. tap and pay instore

    I have mycard app is there a better app or is there only certain bins that work with app?
  3. 1 dip 1 swipe

    I have a 1 dip 1 swipe card and I went to the pos then put in the card. The pos said to swipe so then I swiped the card but after it said swipe not allowed. Do I just tell the cashier that my chip doesn't work anymore or keep inserting the chip until it lets me swipe?
  4. Dumps Cashier

    I'm looking for some people in California to work with. I have dumps and I'm looking for somebody that knows what they are doing or works in a store with valuables. Dumps no pin. Pm me on here or hit up my jabber.

    Honestly you can just use Wal-Mart Pay app for in store. I've done it before just to see if it could be done.
  6. 1 validcc inv

    I have 1 invite for validcc. Pm me if you want it first come first serve. Don't waste my time if not going to pay $200 registration.
  7. back to work,how to swipe 201 instore now?

    I have a 1 dip 1 swipe card and I went to insert the card then it said to swipe. But when I went to swipe the card it said swipe not allowed. Do I tell the cashier my chip doesn't work and the punch in a key to let me swipe or do I keep inserting the card until the pos let's me swipe?
  8. Slide 201

    I need to know if usa banks put the limit on a dump because of the fallback to swipe and it'll go through with no problem if there isn't a fallback? For instance I got a couple phone stores that don't and the emv they just swipe the card. So no there is no limit with just swipe or no there is only a limit on a 201 swipe period? Because how people with legit credit cards pay for items over $500 if there is no way for them to dip. That would have to mean that there isn't a security limit from the bank right?
  9. Cali bins

    Who has bins that work in Cali willing to share info.
  10. want to buy these USA cc bins

    Pathetic smh
  11. 201 SWIPING

    Can somebody tell me what stores in the USA I can use the 1 dup 1 swipe method on? Or tell me where I can find current info?

    I'm interested my icq 746614688
  13. Looking for person in Canada

    I'm looking for a person that lives in Canada that can register prepaid cards. I'm willing to pay upon video proof of account and card. Must ship card and give account details. No time wasters or lame ass rippers.
  14. I can get drivers license easily where is the best place to get btc with fullz?
  15. Dumps Vendor!

    Need good vendor