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  1. Welcome to WorldWide Pl4stic Service’s I am proud to offer the best plastic in town. welcome and enjoy your market. Make bigger Profit with better pl4stic PL4STK SERVICE COME WITH : - hologram (no sticker) - signature panel (can use a regular pen to sign) - HD pl4stic design - More then 50model on stock - shipping next day with tracking # (overnight service) - bleu uv security (front / back) Note : - We don’t make any msr service to our custumer (we don’t want to be blamed if dosent work) - We dont give any tracking for ur safety, we can track the package for you - There is a minimum order of 100$ + shipping Note : - java card : 1dip - sle card (small chip) : 3dip - java card : 3dip 101 Blanks Card 10pcs x 10$ receive bonus 20pcs x 10$ receive bonus 30pcs x 9$ receive bonus 40pcs x 9$ receive bonus more then 50 ask me ------------------------ 201 3Dip Blank Card 10pcs x 12$ receive bonus 20pcs x 12$ recieve bonus 30pcs x 11$ receive bonus 40pcs x 11$ receive bonus more then 50 ask me ------------------------ 201 1Dip blanks card 10pcs x 15$ no bonus 20pcs x 15$ receive bonus 30pcs x 14$ receive bonus 40pcs x 14$ receive bonus more then 50 ask me Embossed serivce: + 8$ Costume cvv: + 2$ MODEL : amex: https://postimg.cc/5Qd2qCJL master : https://postimg.cc/4Kk2G4Xw visa : https://postimg.cc/xchvh97k REAL TIME PICTURE https://postimg.cc/0KscgVxQ https://postimg.cc/gwR1tQWt https://postimg.cc/WDMfwZGQ https://postimg.cc/5XzPfzR6 https://postimg.cc/XGWNs9TF https://postimg.cc/njK4WYMt https://postimg.cc/Btg5cgdT https://postimg.cc/Z0YpyYFh https://www.upload.ee/image/8934019/hd1.jpg https://www.upload.ee/image/8934021/hd2.jpg https://www.upload.ee/image/8934023/hd3.jpg https://www.upload.ee/image/8934027/hd4.jpg Rules: - No Upfront - Payment By Btc - Double Chek Order Before Sending Contact : - Telegram : @CROOKSHD - Jabber : hd_pl4stic@exploit.im Note: - For Telegram: sometimes phone Number die please double check with forum Update
  2. Verifone vx670 skimmer

  3. Verifone vx670 skimmer

    still available
  4. Verifone vx670 skimmer

    do your own thread dont try to sell something on my thread
  5. Verifone vx670 skimmer

    i dont use icq can add me on telegram
  6. Verifone vx670 skimmer

    if you know some taxi driver and they can work with skimmed verifon vx670 you will become rich...
  7. Verifone vx670 skimmer

  8. Verifone vx670 skimmer

    exactly the pos without skimmed its not expensive can buy it for 30-200$, without skimmed pos you cant do none ... the software for this its expensive like you said that why the verifdon vx670 its not cheap at all but for someone who know where to put can make hes money back very quicky in less then a week ... its i investment but it can gain BIG MONEY
  9. Verifone vx670 skimmer

    add me
  10. Verifone vx670 skimmer

    stop posting weird shit in my thread this is only for feedback ... if you guys wanna talk go take a coffee in a mcdonald and talk about my service ...
  11. Verifone vx670 skimmer

    this is the verifone vx670 machine idiot
  12. Verifone vx670 skimmer

    just to be clear here this verifone its not the old one ... before talking shit make sure dat im selling the old one Добавлено через 1 минуту 14 секунд guys if you wanna talk shit dont flood my thread ... go somewhere else this is only for feedback
  13. Verifone vx670 skimmer

  14. Verifone vx670 skimmer

    carding instore or online with dumps or cvv how long is old ? still working ? and yea you know some poeple was looking for that pos and cant found it its not becaus you are in retirement that everyone should be too ... you have old mentality like i said yes we are in 2019 and yes people around me still working this pos, its not becaus you dont have contact on this no more that its not good anymore ... you talk about understand new corner for shit offered but with your -5 your not too much legit or maybe you are a hater trying to fuck other people business because the only think you can do now its posting yeah i can understand when you see someone thread and its 100% ripper you advise people but dont try to fuck other people business because nothing work for you are hating people business ...
  15. Verifone vx670 skimmer

    1st its a offline machine 2nd why cashout in india when you can cashout direct from usa ? that if you know where to go 3th if you use the offline for a trasaction of 500$ well your not smart ... better to use for small amount like i said on my thread that is good for taxi driver , delivery guy , people who have small transaction and can afford to paid 10-50$ transaction i dont care how long you have using this. people around me still using this today and making money from this and guess what ????? i dont fucking need to cashout in india or pakistan like you said direct from usa !!!! .. i see you are now retired from fraud and start posting left to right your old knowledge ... Добавлено через 1 минуту 35 секунд lebowski for you today fraud its over ? lollllll