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  1. how much can u earn carding

    Skillz101, I appreciate the info, I'm actually working on the real, I'm still getting all my sources in line and I hope it goes well, Only trust myself at this point in my life, You are a decent person for sharing, I believe in paying it forward if it's only info that won't cost anyone anything but a moment of time to share their experiences, Do you know of a good place to get cards?? I thank you. PM if you feel more comfortable. Again I thank you for your time, and please excuse the basic requests as I stated previously I am an extreme newbie and trying to get the basics to just survive. .
  2. how much can u earn carding

    Hi everyone, I'm an extreme newbie, I'm not knowledgeable enough at this time to even attempt carding, but I have purchased from vendors and made little WU and online transactions, I'm sure if I continue to self educate and through trial and error, I will get close, but I'm afraid by that time, I'll still be far behind or it will be extinct. I'm just trying to keep it a 100% Real and I'm hoping I can get some guidance from real pros not Rippers, You all know who you are,. I'm in a situation where I have a lot of free time and im attempting to pay my bills atleast, anything after that would be a pkus, but Im only asking for a kittle guidance if your willing, I do appreciate what most have already posted aloowing us beginners to learn, i must say, I knew nothing and kept reading and it has only made me more eager to earn. So to all of the true real pros that have once maybe decades ago been where I am, I greatly appreciate any input you can offer. I Thank you for taking the time to even read this.. PLEASE No Rippers, I have nothing left to give. Real recognizes Real, let's all keep it a 100..
  3. N/A - united.hacker.09@mail.ru

    I did that and this is all it shows United.hacker.09@mail.ru With name of Neiman Marcus
  4. N/A - united.hacker.09@mail.ru

    Only showed United.hacker.09@mail.ru
  5. N/A - united.hacker.09@mail.ru

    Spree killer- name on icq, aka-Armondo Don't know link to profile but claiming verified on here-see entire icq logs below. Promised to send 2 iPhone x via FedEx for 150 usd in btc, to be delivered by Sunday Sept 23. 2018, upon requesting tracking due to not receiving Sunday he says tomorrow. See Entire ICQ conversation log below. Don't know any other contacts, hoping logs will help determine who he really is and if he is indeed a member.. Spree killer (9/17/18 8:47 PM): Hey Man Spree killer (9/17/18 8:48 PM): Selling Dumps/101/121/201 Spree killer (9/17/18 8:48 PM): Cvv/Visa/MasterCard/Amex Spree killer (9/17/18 8:48 PM): Need Big Customers Spree killer (9/18/18 10:18 AM): ?? Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 10:25 AM): Hi Spree killer (9/18/18 10:25 AM): Yh Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 10:26 AM): I got ur info, when I'm ready ill let u know, trying to work on getting bread 1st Spree killer (9/18/18 10:26 AM): Oh Cool Spree killer (9/18/18 10:26 AM): I Need Big Customers To Work With Spree killer (9/18/18 10:27 AM): I Got Cvv/Dumps Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 10:27 AM): I'm new to all this and I keep getting beat so I'm trying to get something Spree killer (9/18/18 10:27 AM): Ok Spree killer (9/18/18 10:27 AM): Wht You Need Dude Spree killer (9/18/18 10:28 AM): I Am Verified On crdclub.ws Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 10:29 AM): Female here. Like I said I'm very green still learning basics and how to stay safe and cashout Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 10:29 AM): I see that Spree killer (9/18/18 10:29 AM): Oh Cool Spree killer (9/18/18 10:30 AM): Can You Tell Me What You Need Spree killer (9/18/18 10:30 AM): Dumps/Cvv Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 10:31 AM): Soon as I get a way to learn how to get cash from cards I can buy BTC and be willing to learn anything 2 eat. Spree killer (9/18/18 10:32 AM): OK Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 10:32 AM): Ill keep u posted when I'm in a better situation. How are ur prices Spree killer (9/18/18 10:33 AM): Cvv/Dumps Spree killer (9/18/18 10:33 AM): Which One Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 10:34 AM): Don't understand difference. All I get are cards. But willing to learn anything Spree killer (9/18/18 10:34 AM): Which Country Need? Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 10:34 AM): Us Spree killer (9/18/18 10:34 AM): UK/USA Spree killer (9/18/18 10:34 AM): Cost $10 Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 10:34 AM): Ok. Refundable Spree killer (9/18/18 10:34 AM): Yes Dude Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 10:34 AM): ? Dumps Spree killer (9/18/18 10:35 AM): 99% Valid Spree killer (9/18/18 10:35 AM): 101/121/201 Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 10:35 AM): Ok Spree killer (9/18/18 10:35 AM): Regular Or With Pin Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 10:35 AM): Even better Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 10:36 AM): U do drops too? Spree killer (9/18/18 10:36 AM): Yes Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 10:36 AM): Rate? Spree killer (9/18/18 10:36 AM): Best Carder On Here Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 10:37 AM): Well I will need some guidance if ur willing to be patient with me Spree killer (9/18/18 10:37 AM): Yes Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 10:38 AM): Thank u. Spree killer (9/18/18 10:38 AM): Iphone Or Spree killer (9/18/18 10:38 AM): MacBook Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 10:38 AM): Android burners Spree killer (9/18/18 10:38 AM): Apple Watch Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 10:38 AM): No Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 10:39 AM): Basic newbie Spree killer (9/18/18 10:39 AM): Ok Spree killer (9/18/18 10:39 AM): How Many Pieces You Want For Now Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 10:40 AM): I can't do anything now til I get bread I got beat bad Spree killer (9/18/18 10:41 AM): Ok Spree killer (9/18/18 10:41 AM): So When Will You Be Ready Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 10:43 AM): Soon as I learn how to get cash from these few numbers I have Spree killer (9/18/18 10:43 AM): Ok Spree killer (9/18/18 10:43 AM): When You Get Bread Hit Me Up Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 10:44 AM): I will. I'm loyal and keep it 100 with those that are real with me. Spree killer (9/18/18 10:45 AM): Oh Cool Spree killer (9/18/18 10:45 AM): You Female Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 10:45 AM): Yes sir Spree killer (9/18/18 10:45 AM): I Am Amando Spree killer (9/18/18 10:45 AM): From Colombia Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 10:45 AM): maria Spree killer (9/18/18 10:45 AM): And You Dude Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 10:46 AM): No ex husband took my job car my house after my motorcycle accident Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 10:46 AM): So I'm really hurting Spree killer (9/18/18 10:46 AM): Oh Cool Spree killer (9/18/18 10:46 AM): You Have Kids Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 10:46 AM): Older Spree killer (9/18/18 10:46 AM): How Old Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 10:46 AM): 26 Spree killer (9/18/18 10:47 AM): I Am 37 Year Old Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 10:47 AM): I'm 43 Spree killer (9/18/18 10:47 AM): Hope That You 100% Real To Me Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 10:48 AM): I have no reason to be anything else I'm asking 4 help here and ur the pro. Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 10:48 AM): I'm new to all this I was married 4 almost 20 years and lost everything Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 10:49 AM): I don't believe in catfishing. Ill tell u I'm near the NY area in USA Spree killer (9/18/18 10:49 AM): Am Legit And Vocal Hacker From Omerta Looking For A Solid Trusted Partner To Make Some Mula And Cheese And Make A Long Term Running Business As Well No playing Games And No Greedy Game Here.. Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 10:50 AM): I'm not looking 4 geed and millions only trying to pay my bills and survive Spree killer (9/18/18 10:50 AM): i deal on good service here i make customers feel good deal with me here since i start business all customers never report to me about ripper here okay and i know serious buyer will never come here to waste time but rather to make good bucks..? Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 10:51 AM): Exactly. I was getting card info from unicc. Then they got hacked and things felloff Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 10:52 AM): I was only doing little wu things but its harder now Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 10:53 AM): I need to learn how to keep myself safe and find someone that I can trust and willing to hold my hand along the way. I have a few ppl I can trust 4 drops and I just need to learn Spree killer (9/18/18 10:56 AM): Im not a child on here like most of these dumb kids that ripp ppl for shopping money for their clothes or to go to the clubs or movies' Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 10:56 AM): Exactly1 got me 4 an itunes card Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 10:56 AM): For an invite to jstash Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 10:58 AM): Another got me 4 activation 4 a drop. I took a hit and I'm just trying to survive. I know I'm outta my league. But I have to try anything right now Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 11:06 AM): So Mr A, I will hit u up when I figure something out. I hoping sooner than later and I really hope u are not a kid playing Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 11:08 AM): Would like to connect with someone truly interested in molding me and make bread 2gether. No games Real recognizes Real! Spree killer (9/18/18 11:12 AM): Trust The Process Spree killer (9/18/18 11:16 AM): Yes Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 11:19 AM): But I will trust unless i start to feel different and I will keep it real and let u know as I would as 4 u to do the same. This is your forte I'm just trying to eat Spree killer (9/18/18 11:19 AM): Coool Spree killer (9/18/18 11:19 AM): when Get Btcoin Hit Me Up Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 11:20 AM): I will. I just need to try to get something off these things to get them. Soon as I do. I will. Spree killer (9/18/18 11:20 AM): Ok Cool Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 11:20 AM): Thank you for understanding Spree killer (9/18/18 11:22 AM): Ok Miss Loyalty (9/18/18 11:22 AM): Enjoy ur day.. Spree killer (9/18/18 11:22 AM): Cool Spree killer (9/19/18 11:35 AM): Hey Miss Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 11:35 AM): Hi Mr A Spree killer (9/19/18 11:35 AM): How You Doing Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 11:36 AM): I'm ok for now. How about u?? Spree killer (9/19/18 11:36 AM): Doing Well By The Grace Of God Spree killer (9/19/18 11:36 AM): What The Deal For Today Spree killer (9/19/18 11:36 AM): Fresh Base Updated Spree killer (9/19/18 11:36 AM): 101/121/201 Spree killer (9/19/18 11:37 AM): https://files.icq.net/get/88Ifu4adBn...53I5a0f8f721ab Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 11:38 AM): Thats always a great sign. And I'm waiting on one of these guys to do a drop. Hope he's true to his word. I checked and he's verified. So lets see. Then I can work with u. Spree killer (9/19/18 11:38 AM): Oh Cool Spree killer (9/19/18 11:38 AM): I Am verified In Vendorsbay.club Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 11:39 AM): U stay busy. That's a great sign Spree killer (9/19/18 11:39 AM): Yes Spree killer (9/19/18 11:39 AM): Trust The Process Spree killer (9/19/18 11:39 AM): Verified Hacker Spree killer (9/19/18 11:39 AM): Cvv/Dumps Only Spree killer (9/19/18 11:40 AM): Any Hacker Like Me Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 11:40 AM): Pa. If I knew what I was doing. I would be further along. Spree killer (9/19/18 11:40 AM): ********** Is My Mate Spree killer (9/19/18 11:40 AM): I Have Been Working With Him Since Spree killer (9/19/18 11:40 AM): You Know Him Right Miss Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 11:41 AM): Do I know him Spree killer (9/19/18 11:41 AM): Sure Spree killer (9/19/18 11:41 AM): Omerta Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 11:41 AM): Icq name Spree killer (9/19/18 11:41 AM): You Know Joker Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 11:41 AM): The real one Spree killer (9/19/18 11:41 AM): The One Support Omerta Spree killer (9/19/18 11:41 AM): Yes Spree killer (9/19/18 11:41 AM): I Don`t Have To Talk Much Spree killer (9/19/18 11:41 AM): When You Ready Lemme Know Spree killer (9/19/18 11:42 AM): No Games Spree killer (9/19/18 11:42 AM): Jokers Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 11:42 AM): I finally got into his site. After getting burned by a kid Spree killer (9/19/18 11:42 AM): Burned Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 11:42 AM): Beat for$ Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 11:43 AM): Like I said. I'm working on figuring out a way to cash out and get BTC Spree killer (9/19/18 11:43 AM): Bet Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 11:43 AM): Soon as I do. I got u Pa Spree killer (9/19/18 11:43 AM): Oh Cool Miss Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 11:46 AM): If u know a safer one ill try but u need 2 send a real one if I do. No games Spree killer (9/19/18 12:14 PM): Yes Dude Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 12:14 PM): No dude her. C'mon Pa Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 12:15 PM): I'm really getting to think u don't feel I keep it 100 until u give me a reason not to Spree killer (9/19/18 12:17 PM): ?? Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 1:09 PM): Hey Mr A. Can u get iPhone10?? Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 1:09 PM): 10+ Spree killer (9/19/18 1:10 PM): Yeah Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 1:10 PM): How much Spree killer (9/19/18 1:10 PM): How Many Pieces You Need For Now Spree killer (9/19/18 1:10 PM): For Order`s Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 1:11 PM): Looking 4 1 for myself and 1 4 son for now. Just wondering how much. Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 1:11 PM): I can increase when I start earning Spree killer (9/19/18 1:11 PM): 150$ For The Two Pieces Spree killer (9/19/18 1:11 PM): I Use My Tools Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 1:12 PM): Ok and they will work on any carrier in USA Spree killer (9/19/18 1:12 PM): Yes Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 1:13 PM): How would u like pmt Spree killer (9/19/18 1:13 PM): Btcoin Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 1:14 PM): Ok. I'm working on something now. If all goes good I can get BTC for those and get cvv Spree killer (9/19/18 1:14 PM): Oh Cool Spree killer (9/19/18 1:14 PM): Paste Me Your Details Then Spree killer (9/19/18 1:14 PM): When Btcoin Ready Hit Me Up Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 1:14 PM): What do u need Spree killer (9/19/18 1:14 PM): Full Name: Address Line1: Address Line2: City: State/Province/Region: ZIP/Postal Code: Country: Phone: Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 1:17 PM): I'm gonna send u a quick photo so u know who u dealing with. Please delete asap Spree killer (9/19/18 1:17 PM): Oh Ok Spree killer (9/19/18 1:17 PM): How Long Going To Get Btcoin Ready? Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 1:17 PM): And yours Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 1:18 PM): Waiting on this guy to drop should have 2moro if all goes well Spree killer (9/19/18 1:18 PM): Oh Cool Spree killer (9/19/18 1:18 PM): Tomorrow Btcoin Ready? Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 1:19 PM): I'm hoping as long as this guy comes through Spree killer (9/19/18 1:19 PM): Ok Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 1:19 PM): If not ill have to figure out something Spree killer (9/19/18 1:19 PM): Ok Spree killer (9/19/18 1:20 PM): Two Iphone X Right Spree killer (9/19/18 1:20 PM): Which Colours Need? Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 1:20 PM): X+ if u have Spree killer (9/19/18 1:20 PM): Yes Got Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 1:20 PM): Black or silver or closest to it Spree killer (9/19/18 1:21 PM): Ok Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 1:54 PM): ? Spree killer (9/19/18 1:54 PM): I Am Here Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 1:54 PM): What did u delete Spree killer (9/19/18 1:55 PM): Just A Thread And I Posted On Our Chat Spree killer (9/19/18 1:55 PM): Do You Want To See It Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 1:55 PM): Yes please Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 1:56 PM): Ok Spree killer (9/19/18 1:58 PM): Yes Spree killer (9/19/18 2:01 PM): Trust me Miss We Goona make that 10k, 20k thousand to working with me if you have wat you say so me broy you found the rite person who can take you far an not greedy I have kids sir so its hard for me when I get ripped an not everyone is good when they say they are I have learned from experience honey so let's work first an see what comes from it I won't run if I see you are real I have a heart dear an kids to take care of so I need all my blessings I won't run from you I will always be here even if you fuck over me I will still be here cursing you an leaving treating message..... Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 2:05 PM): I like your style already and I'm ready to work. I won't screw anyone over. Even if I knew how to. And like i keep saying. I need to learn.. So I'm asking for help on how to navigate and make this work 4 both Spree killer (9/19/18 2:06 PM): I really understand your situation This time ICQ is full of shit Peoples just cheating on innocent souls just for a petty shit...I got many prove and vouch er's to show but is nothing even rippers show prove to rippe ppl so i deal on trust i don't deal with prove..4 Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 2:10 PM): I feel u and like I say ill do what u need 4 me 2 prove I am who I am and I maintain my name. I have no reason to be fake. Ill just ignore ppl that prove to be fake Spree killer (9/19/18 2:11 PM): Ok Spree killer (9/19/18 2:11 PM): Tomorrow Ready With Btcoin Spree killer (9/19/18 2:11 PM): Hit Me Up Spree killer (9/19/18 2:11 PM): Let Start Work Spree killer (9/19/18 2:13 PM): I bet you can take care because ICQ full of shit nothing to say no more Sure my policy is to serve you with the best cooperation Thanks for your kindness..With all due respect my policy is to serve you with the best service nothing to say no more i dont force none to work with me Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 2:15 PM): I understand and I will work with u soon as I get what I need.. Again I thank u Spree killer (9/19/18 2:16 PM): All Hands And Kind Soul and Heart Ain't The Same Here , We Both Here Gotta Build and Gain Each Other trust And Faith because As I Do On Here Is I Dislike Games and I Mostly like A Honest And Customer Who Is His Man Of His Own Words..... Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 2:18 PM): I am definitely a woman of my word. And i have been straight forward with you out the gate. U know my situation and I'm still learning. I genuinely appreciate your patience with me.. Please Hold onto that info. I'm hoping I can get that to you soon. Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 2:20 PM): Do u know best app I can use to hide my location?? And change it on my android. I'm afraid to use laptop cuz I'm not tech savvy enough to make sure I'm safe. Spree killer (9/19/18 2:23 PM): I swear to my life and my faListen bro i have be in this business for so many years now, and since i started this business i have never be repoted as a ripper or scammer and i have travel to so many country to work for my buyers...work with faith anpunishment for almight God i d trust bro so i will never take your mily bro if i take you money i take punishment from God..... Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 2:25 PM): I'm not saying u will and I do believe u. So far u have been who you are and I respect that. So I will work with you. Spree killer (9/19/18 2:25 PM): Trust The Process Spree killer (9/19/18 2:26 PM): As Soon As Btoin Ready..Tomorrow Spree killer (9/19/18 2:26 PM): Hit Me Up Spree killer (9/19/18 2:26 PM): Let End This First Deal Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 2:27 PM): I will. I'm Just slower than you but I hope my speed will increase as I learn Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 2:27 PM): Ok Spree killer (9/19/18 2:27 PM): Yes Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 2:27 PM): Thank you again Spree killer (9/19/18 2:32 PM): Bro i will never take your money without working for you or i will not take your money if i take your money without working for you God i will punish me or slow me down in my business, i have family, wife with 2 kids so i will never take you without working for you if i do that God i will punish me or my family and i will never do that to get Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 2:33 PM): Good to know you believe in God.. Spree killer (9/19/18 2:35 PM): Yes Spree killer (9/19/18 2:39 PM): When Ready Tomorrow Spree killer (9/19/18 2:40 PM): If I May Ask Spree killer (9/19/18 2:40 PM): What Time Will Btcoin Ready Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 2:41 PM): Soon as I'm able to get finds out I can put on BTC. Then u can give me ur btc address Spree killer (9/19/18 2:41 PM): Ok Miss Miss Loyalty (9/19/18 2:43 PM): Thank u 4 giving me the opportunity Spree killer (9/19/18 2:43 PM): You Welcome Spree killer (9/20/18 8:55 AM): Hello Spree killer (9/20/18 9:13 AM): How are you doing Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 9:15 AM): He morning Pa. How R U. I'm just waking up. Been at ER all night with my mom Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 9:15 AM): Good Spree killer (9/20/18 9:36 AM): Hope you well by the grace of God Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 9:38 AM): I am thank I. Just a little tired. Spree killer (9/20/18 9:43 AM): Oh cool Spree killer (9/20/18 9:45 AM): Let start work Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 9:54 AM): I'm getting 2gether now. Gotta go into town and get gift cards to get my BTC. Spree killer (9/20/18 10:08 AM): Ok will be waiting Spree killer (9/20/18 10:08 AM): When get Text me for Address Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 10:09 AM): Ok ill text when I get back. Will be a few. Gotta travel 40 min to town Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 10:11 AM): U did say they are the real ones that can be activated on any carrier right?? Spree killer (9/20/18 10:15 AM): Ok Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 10:19 AM): If I send u 200 can u send me a few good us with pin Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 10:19 AM): And let me know best way 2 cash out? Spree killer (9/20/18 10:27 AM): Yes Spree killer (9/20/18 10:36 AM): When Back lemme know Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 10:36 AM): I will Spree killer (9/20/18 10:44 AM): Ok I will be waiting for your message Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 10:51 AM): Do u do surface pros? And Spree killer (9/20/18 10:53 AM): Yes Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 10:53 AM): Which PC do u think is best to work on?? Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 10:53 AM): How much?? Spree killer (9/20/18 11:49 AM): With Pin Right Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 11:49 AM): YES please. Spree killer (9/20/18 11:49 AM): You Load Up Spree killer (9/20/18 11:50 AM): Work Ready Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 11:50 AM): I'm almost at the store 2 get gift cards to then trade 4 BTC. Only way I know how Spree killer (9/20/18 11:51 AM): Oh Cool Spree killer (9/20/18 11:51 AM): When Done Hit Me Up Spree killer (9/20/18 11:51 AM): My Network Slow That Why I am Off and On Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 11:51 AM): Ok. After I send. Can u help me with easiest way to cash out from ur products Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 11:52 AM): No problem Spree killer (9/20/18 11:52 AM): Yes Spree killer (9/20/18 11:52 AM): Can I Paste Btc address Now Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 11:54 AM): Ok thanks. I don't want 2 get them and be stuck and not be able 2 use Spree killer (9/20/18 11:54 AM): Ok Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 11:54 AM): How long 4 ship after u get Spree killer (9/20/18 11:54 AM): Trust The Process Miss Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 11:54 AM): I am Spree killer (9/20/18 11:54 AM): as Soon I am Done Spree killer (9/20/18 11:55 AM): Confimation Is Done Spree killer (9/20/18 11:55 AM): To Fedex Ready For PickUp Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 11:55 AM): Ok.Paste when I get mine loaded. I'll text when ready Spree killer (9/20/18 11:57 AM): 1MTXt6AKwYrRWaCYJxbdt7wD1vTWgwUUxk Spree killer (9/20/18 11:57 AM): Got It Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 11:57 AM): Got it Spree killer (9/20/18 11:57 AM): Ok Spree killer (9/20/18 11:58 AM): Hope It Will Not Tke Longer Miss Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 11:58 AM): I'm trying its a long drive to town Spree killer (9/20/18 11:58 AM): Ok Spree killer (9/20/18 11:59 AM): Take Care Miss Spree killer (9/20/18 11:59 AM): You Have a Car Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 11:59 AM): U as well Mr A Miss Loyalty (9/25/18 10:05 PM): Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 11:59 AM): Yes Spree killer (9/20/18 11:59 AM): Ok Spree killer (9/20/18 12:00 PM): Will Be Waiting For Your Message Miss Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 12:00 PM): Ok Spree killer (9/20/18 12:00 PM): Ok Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 12:40 PM): How many BTC is 200 USD Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 12:42 PM): I'm sorry I'm driving waiting 4 my BTC 2 be released from escrow Spree killer (9/20/18 12:42 PM): ok Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 12:45 PM): So I will send u 200 USD in btc and u take care of me Spree killer (9/20/18 12:48 PM): ok Spree killer (9/20/18 12:49 PM): 0.03113 Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 12:50 PM): That's good 4 what we discussed?? Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 12:50 PM): I'm trusting you and hoping this is the start of a great business relationship Spree killer (9/20/18 12:51 PM): Yes Miss Spree killer (9/20/18 12:51 PM): Trust The Process Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 12:52 PM): Ok I have address. Ill let u know soon as transfer done Spree killer (9/20/18 12:52 PM): Ok Miss Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 2:39 PM): Coming now. Lmk when u get Spree killer (9/20/18 2:39 PM): Ok Spree killer (9/20/18 2:39 PM): You Done Miss Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 2:43 PM): 1MTXt6AKwYrRWaCYJxbdt7wD1vTWgwUUxk Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 2:44 PM): Correct?? Spree killer (9/20/18 2:44 PM): Yes Spree killer (9/20/18 2:44 PM): 1MTXt6AKwYrRWaCYJxbdt7wD1vTWgwUUxk Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 2:44 PM): On its way Spree killer (9/20/18 2:44 PM): Ok Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 2:47 PM): https://files.icq.net/get/06YbuuonKu...v7T5ba3eb381bg Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 2:48 PM): Lets keep it a100% with each other and make bread Spree killer (9/20/18 2:48 PM): Ok Spree killer (9/20/18 2:48 PM): Hold Lemme Check Miss Spree killer (9/20/18 2:48 PM): This Time Blockchin been Ripp Spree killer (9/20/18 2:49 PM): So Checking How Much I Got Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 2:50 PM): I sent 200 USD Spree killer (9/20/18 2:50 PM): Yes Spree killer (9/20/18 2:51 PM): Still Not In Here Spree killer (9/20/18 2:51 PM): I Will Check Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 2:51 PM): Give a min I just sent u conf page Spree killer (9/20/18 2:51 PM): Ok Spree killer (9/20/18 2:53 PM): Here Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 2:53 PM): Great. !! Spree killer (9/20/18 2:54 PM): You Confirm It Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 2:54 PM): Yes Spree killer (9/20/18 2:54 PM): Is Tht the conf Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 2:55 PM): Hold on I'm checking to get it 4 u Spree killer (9/20/18 2:55 PM): Ok Miss Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 3:01 PM): Check now just got conf Spree killer (9/20/18 3:02 PM): Hold Spree killer (9/20/18 3:02 PM): Checking Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 3:03 PM): https://files.icq.net/get/0bu6Y1lEFj...EIF5ba3ef051bg Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 3:03 PM): https://files.icq.net/get/06YbuQYlW8...V0L5ba3ef071bg Spree killer (9/20/18 3:04 PM): Miss Spree killer (9/20/18 3:04 PM): You Joking Spree killer (9/20/18 3:04 PM): I Trusted You Spree killer (9/20/18 3:05 PM): Check It Well Spree killer (9/20/18 3:05 PM): https://files.icq.net/get/0uwf5tpZlr...fIK5ba3ef5e1ab Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 3:05 PM): What r u talking about Spree killer (9/20/18 3:05 PM): Plese Spree killer (9/20/18 3:05 PM): Just Be Honest Spree killer (9/20/18 3:05 PM): Check It Well Spree killer (9/20/18 3:05 PM): https://files.icq.net/get/0uwf53R37r...Az85ba3ef6d1ab Spree killer (9/20/18 3:05 PM): The Pxful You Send Fuck Mine Blockchin Up Spree killer (9/20/18 3:05 PM): Low Currency 100% Spree killer (9/20/18 3:06 PM): https://files.icq.net/get/0tgbJko8mg...UsE5ba3efb51ab Spree killer (9/20/18 3:06 PM): Check It Well Miss Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 3:06 PM): I only use that cuz I don't know any other. That's why I had 2 buy gift cards to get. I asked 4 help. I just used my last 250 to get BTC to send Spree killer (9/20/18 3:07 PM): You Fuck Me Up Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 3:07 PM): How Spree killer (9/20/18 3:07 PM): Miss Playing With amando Right Spree killer (9/20/18 3:07 PM): Just add The Rest Now Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 3:07 PM): No I sent u my last bit on cash Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 3:07 PM): Vwhat do u mean Spree killer (9/20/18 3:07 PM): I Started Your Work Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 3:08 PM): Then send back Spree killer (9/20/18 3:08 PM): Just Try Understand Me Spree killer (9/20/18 3:08 PM): Send Back Spree killer (9/20/18 3:08 PM): O Spree killer (9/20/18 3:08 PM): Ok Spree killer (9/20/18 3:08 PM): Ok Spree killer (9/20/18 3:08 PM): Ok Spree killer (9/20/18 3:08 PM): Ok Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 3:08 PM): How much did it say look at mine Spree killer (9/20/18 3:08 PM): Work Done...I Will Do Your Work Spree killer (9/20/18 3:08 PM): But Promise When I am Done You Will Send The Rest Spree killer (9/20/18 3:09 PM): No Pain No Gain Spree killer (9/20/18 3:09 PM): Promise Miss Spree killer (9/20/18 3:09 PM): add Me Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 3:10 PM): How much did it send mine says $1 99.83 USD to 313 by .I sent 200 USD u said 150 for pieces I said ill send 2pp if u can send a few cards with pin too Spree killer (9/20/18 3:10 PM): Oh Cool Spree killer (9/20/18 3:10 PM): Dumps With Pin Right Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 3:10 PM): What did it put on urs ill show again what it took from mine Spree killer (9/20/18 3:11 PM): Promise Me Spree killer (9/20/18 3:11 PM): When Work Done You Gonna Make Me Your <3 Miss Spree killer (9/20/18 3:11 PM): Which State Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 3:11 PM): I told u I don't know and need help. I'm getting beat and begging ppl to borrow money just to get help from pros like u. I told u I'm loyal as long as ur str8 with me Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 3:12 PM): CT Spree killer (9/20/18 3:12 PM): Ok Spree killer (9/20/18 3:12 PM): Which State You In Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 3:12 PM): Connecticut Spree killer (9/20/18 3:12 PM): I Get The Best One Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 3:13 PM): I thank u. Please tell me what they sent you. I have 3 USD left in my account and don't know any other way to get it or any other wallet to use Spree killer (9/20/18 3:13 PM): Need Order Here Or Email Spree killer (9/20/18 3:14 PM): Ok Spree killer (9/20/18 3:14 PM): as Soon as I Send I Will Let You Know Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 3:15 PM): Ok thank u. Please let me know what they put on urs. And how short is it Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 3:15 PM): U have address for pieces? Spree killer (9/20/18 3:16 PM): Yes Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 3:17 PM): Ok Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 3:18 PM): Which BTC wallet do u recommend I should use from now on?? Spree killer (9/20/18 3:18 PM): I Will Create One For You Spree killer (9/20/18 3:18 PM): Blockchain Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 3:19 PM): Ok and which is the best way to buy them? Spree killer (9/20/18 3:20 PM): Hold Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 3:21 PM): K Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 4:41 PM): Mr A I just saw how much they put on urs. I don't know why they took 203.from me and gave u that. But I give u my word when I make something to buy more BTC. I will make up the difference. I don't understand the exchange rates and which are the best apps to use. U know I'm still trying to learn and I really need help. I promise I will make it up. Please know I always keep my word And you will see I want to maintain a good relationship with someone I can trust and I will prove to you that I'm a woman of my word.. Spree killer (9/20/18 7:56 PM): Hey Spree killer (9/20/18 7:56 PM): Here Miss Loyalty (9/20/18 7:57 PM): Hi Miss Loyalty (9/21/18 9:58 AM): Mr A?? Spree killer (9/21/18 9:59 AM): hi Miss Loyalty (9/21/18 9:59 AM): Good morning Spree killer (9/21/18 9:59 AM): how are you Miss Loyalty (9/21/18 10:01 AM): I'm ok How R U Spree killer (9/21/18 10:01 AM): good Spree killer (9/21/18 10:39 AM): ok Miss Loyalty (9/21/18 10:44 AM): Can u let me know when u ship pieces Spree killer (9/21/18 10:44 AM): yes Miss Loyalty (9/21/18 10:45 AM): Do u know when I can expect delivery so I can have someone there to get Miss Loyalty (9/21/18 12:15 PM): ??? Spree killer (9/21/18 12:20 PM): I am working on it Miss Loyalty (9/21/18 12:20 PM): Ok Spree killer (9/21/18 12:21 PM): Agent not confirmed hopeful tonigh he will do that Miss Loyalty (9/21/18 12:21 PM): Ok. Miss Loyalty (9/21/18 12:22 PM): Please keep me posted Spree killer (9/21/18 12:26 PM): Agent ask for so Miss Loyalty (9/21/18 12:27 PM): ??agent 4 what Spree killer (9/21/18 12:35 PM): Miss I have to pay Agent Spree killer (9/21/18 12:35 PM): I will show confirmation Miss Loyalty (9/21/18 12:37 PM): Ok. I promise you I will make up difference when I make some money. I told u I keep my word. Spree killer (9/21/18 12:39 PM): Ok miss Spree killer (9/21/18 12:40 PM): Agent soo worry about his payment Spree killer (9/21/18 12:41 PM): Done with everything just waiting for the FedEx Confirmation Miss Loyalty (9/21/18 12:41 PM): Ok thank u Spree killer (9/21/18 12:41 PM): Ok Spree killer (9/21/18 12:41 PM): So what the Plan to tell him Spree killer (9/21/18 12:41 PM): By Monday order have to be. Spree killer (9/21/18 12:42 PM): Pickup soon Miss Loyalty (9/21/18 12:42 PM): Ok where to go Miss Loyalty (9/21/18 12:42 PM): To Fed ex Spree killer (9/21/18 12:42 PM): Yes Miss Loyalty (9/21/18 12:43 PM): Ok what do I need 2 do Spree killer (9/21/18 12:44 PM): For Pickup Miss Loyalty (9/21/18 12:44 PM): Yes Miss Loyalty (9/21/18 12:44 PM): Pay there Spree killer (9/21/18 12:44 PM): He said $50 For his Share Spree killer (9/21/18 12:45 PM): I am done with my place left with the agent to confirm to FedEx Miss Loyalty (9/21/18 12:46 PM): Ok. How 2 pay agent. When I pick up Spree killer (9/21/18 2:32 PM): Here Miss Loyalty (9/21/18 2:34 PM): ?? Spree killer (9/21/18 2:49 PM): ok Spree killer (9/21/18 3:19 PM): Seen Spree killer (9/21/18 3:19 PM): https://files.icq.net/get/0l7cn5GsS3...1hc5ba5445f1ab Spree killer (9/21/18 3:20 PM): Done Spree killer (9/21/18 3:20 PM): Waiting for agent For Confirm Spree killer (9/21/18 3:20 PM): That Tke Long Miss Miss Loyalty (9/21/18 3:22 PM): Ok great. I hate to bother u. But if u know a way I can get funds off a cc quick. I can get BTC and send 2 u asap. I just don't know how. All I ever did was send wu trans2 prisons. But that's over no more cc's. I don't know any other ways. Miss Loyalty (9/21/18 3:27 PM): That sucks. Miss Loyalty (9/21/18 3:28 PM): That's how I learned to buy cc and do that but now I need to get another way 2 get cash Spree killer (9/21/18 3:28 PM): Ok Spree killer (9/21/18 3:28 PM): Trust The Process Miss Loyalty (9/21/18 3:29 PM): I am. Im just waiting cuz I have those sold to get cash. Spree killer (9/21/18 3:30 PM): Ok Spree killer (9/21/18 3:30 PM): You Got Itunes Spree killer (9/21/18 3:30 PM): ?? Miss Loyalty (9/21/18 3:30 PM): I just need to get a faster way to get cash Spree killer (9/21/18 3:31 PM): Yes Miss Loyalty (9/21/18 3:31 PM): I don't but I know a few ppl that do. I don't trust iphones Miss Loyalty (9/21/18 3:32 PM): I just want 2 get ur money to you so you know I want to do business I just need help along the way.. Spree killer (9/21/18 3:32 PM): Ok Spree killer (9/21/18 3:32 PM): Dumps Spree killer (9/21/18 3:32 PM): With Pin? Spree killer (9/21/18 3:33 PM): Wht Tht ? Miss Loyalty (9/21/18 3:33 PM): Yeah dumps Spree killer (9/21/18 3:34 PM): Dumps You CshOut Miss Loyalty (9/21/18 3:35 PM): And no tools or knowledge. I keep telling u. I'm willing to do keep my business with u and we make money. I just need some training Spree killer (9/21/18 3:36 PM): Oh Cool Spree killer (9/21/18 3:36 PM): 101/201 Spree killer (9/21/18 3:36 PM): Which One First Miss Loyalty (9/21/18 3:36 PM): I don't understand the difference. Spree killer (9/21/18 3:36 PM): 101 201 Miss Loyalty (9/21/18 3:37 PM): If u want 2 call me and explain I don't mind Spree killer (9/21/18 3:37 PM): Ok Miss Loyalty (9/21/18 3:43 PM): ? I tunes Spree killer (9/21/18 3:44 PM): Ys Miss Loyalty (9/21/18 3:44 PM): How's that work Miss Loyalty (9/21/18 3:54 PM): What do u think is easier to cash out quicker 101 or 201?? Spree killer (9/21/18 3:54 PM): Ok Spree killer (9/21/18 3:54 PM): 101 Miss Loyalty (9/21/18 3:54 PM): 4 someone like me with no knowledge Spree killer (9/21/18 5:53 PM): https://files.icq.net/get/0fufupoxLh...Hge5ba568761ab Spree killer (9/22/18 5:30 PM): Hello Miss Miss Loyalty (9/22/18 5:32 PM): Hi Mr A Spree killer (9/22/18 5:33 PM): How You Doing Today Miss Loyalty (9/22/18 5:34 PM): I'm ok a little sore but ok. Just got back from physical therapy. How u doing 2day Spree killer (9/22/18 5:35 PM): Doing Well Miss Spree killer (9/22/18 5:35 PM): Can I Get Blockchain Now For You Miss Loyalty (9/22/18 5:35 PM): Yeah u gonna set it up Spree killer (9/22/18 5:35 PM): Ok Miss Loyalty (9/23/18 10:03 PM): Hi Mr A. Miss Loyalty (9/23/18 10:04 PM): When U get a moment. Can u please check tracking. Never Came today Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 8:36 AM): Good morning Mr A. Spree killer (9/24/18 8:44 AM): How You Doing...........\ Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 8:46 AM): I'm ok, just checking I with you and I was wondering if you can check tracking on pieces. I see the thing you sent said to arrive yesterday.. Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 9:35 AM): Thank you. And please let me know when 2 expect delivery, I have someone there today for sign. Just wanted 2 be ready so I can get BTC for it Spree killer (9/24/18 9:36 AM): Oh Cool Spree killer (9/24/18 9:37 AM): You Going To Load up today Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 9:39 AM): YES. I told u when I receive item. I have sold already then I can use to load up Spree killer (9/24/18 9:39 AM): OK Spree killer (9/24/18 9:39 AM): You Sould Item? Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 9:41 AM): One of them to get some BTC so we can do more business and make $$. I told you I have nothing. I needed to do this way 2 get started... I wanted 2 get some of ur good cc's for orders and cashout Spree killer (9/24/18 9:41 AM): Ok Spree killer (9/24/18 9:42 AM): You Need Some Cc Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 9:43 AM): I will when get BTC and I can pay 4 them and learn how 2 cashout Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 9:44 AM): Trying 2 put socks on android Spree killer (9/24/18 9:46 AM): You Can Purchase Macbook Online Spree killer (9/24/18 9:46 AM): Can You Do That Spree killer (9/24/18 9:47 AM): I Gotta Give You My Best Cvv For You Muss Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 9:49 AM): Yes. I wanna do that and get more of your best ones that's why I sold 1 of those and the other 4 my son. Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 9:49 AM): But i will swap out b4 I activate his Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 9:56 AM): Do u know best place2 order it and ship fast Spree killer (9/24/18 10:04 AM): Ok Spree killer (9/24/18 10:04 AM): How Much Dis You Sold Tht Spree killer (9/24/18 10:05 AM): Yes I Know The Best Wy Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 10:05 AM): 600 usd Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 10:05 AM): Only 1 Spree killer (9/24/18 10:06 AM): Oh Cool Spree killer (9/24/18 10:06 AM): You Gott Load Btcoin 100$ Spree killer (9/24/18 10:07 AM): You Got Your Money Right Or Paying You In Btcoin Miss Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 10:07 AM): Soon as I get cash Spree killer (9/24/18 10:07 AM): He Paid You Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 10:07 AM): They paying me cash and I gotta get BTC. Spree killer (9/24/18 10:08 AM): Now Or You Going For Load Up Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 10:08 AM): No they will when they get I need to take to him Spree killer (9/24/18 10:08 AM): Oh Cool Spree killer (9/24/18 10:09 AM): Miss Can You Create Vezizon account for mine been block Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 10:09 AM): They're around here and want more if he like Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 10:09 AM): What kind Spree killer (9/24/18 10:09 AM): Vezizon account For Now Spree killer (9/24/18 10:10 AM): Cn You Get Me His ID Now Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 10:10 AM): What id Spree killer (9/24/18 10:10 AM): Or He Is Not On Icq Spree killer (9/24/18 10:10 AM): Icq Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 10:10 AM): No its someone I know. They don't have icq Spree killer (9/24/18 10:10 AM): Oh Cool Spree killer (9/24/18 10:11 AM): Vezizon account For Now Will You Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 10:11 AM): They will hand me cash when I give him piece Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 10:11 AM): Prepaid?? Spree killer (9/24/18 10:11 AM): Ok Spree killer (9/24/18 10:11 AM): Dont Worry Spree killer (9/24/18 10:11 AM): Vezizon account For Now Verified Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 10:12 AM): I think u need a postpaid 4 verified. And I will have to go 2 store to do that Spree killer (9/24/18 10:12 AM): Ok Spree killer (9/24/18 10:12 AM): Will You Spree killer (9/24/18 10:13 AM): Need Tht Too So Tht We Could Get Pieces Easy Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 10:13 AM): I can see if I can have a girl I know do it in her name. I don't want them running credit Spree killer (9/24/18 10:13 AM): Ok Spree killer (9/24/18 10:13 AM): So Promise You Going For Tht For Me Spree killer (9/24/18 10:13 AM): I Got Some Crd Spree killer (9/24/18 10:14 AM): Hiting High Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 10:14 AM): I will call her now and ask Spree killer (9/24/18 10:14 AM): Ok Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 10:14 AM): How do I change my location on Android to use where card from Spree killer (9/24/18 10:15 AM): How I Wish I Got That...For First Time..Carding Like 10 Pieces To Your address Spree killer (9/24/18 10:15 AM): If I Have Tht account Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 10:15 AM): She's at work she will call me at 12 eastern time on her lunch Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 10:16 AM): I'm sure she will do it 4 me and I got u.. Spree killer (9/24/18 10:16 AM): Ok Spree killer (9/24/18 10:16 AM): Iphone Xs Spree killer (9/24/18 10:17 AM): Heard about It Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 10:17 AM): Xs max if u can Spree killer (9/24/18 10:17 AM): Yes Spree killer (9/24/18 10:17 AM): Trust Me Spree killer (9/24/18 10:17 AM): If I Have It Here Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 10:18 AM): I am and I told u, I stay loyal to those that keep it real with me Spree killer (9/24/18 10:18 AM): Ok Spree killer (9/24/18 10:18 AM): Will Be Waiting For It Spree killer (9/24/18 10:18 AM): Promise Me Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 10:20 AM): I don't like to promise anyone cuz my word means everything to me. But as long as she does 4 me I PROMISE I'LL DO 4 U...And Soon as I get the cash I will go get btc and send u the rest for cc's Spree killer (9/24/18 10:20 AM): Trust The Process Spree killer (9/24/18 10:21 AM): Will Be Waiting For Your Message Spree killer (9/24/18 10:21 AM): How Much Is Xs max There Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 10:22 AM): Ok. Can u check the tracking on those pieces. This way I can go grab those and pick her up from work and take her to set up acct all at once.. It takes about 30 minutes to drive to town where stores are Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 10:58 AM): Did u check tracking?? Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 11:20 AM): Easiest way 2 order a MacBook?? Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 11:21 AM): Do u have any good cards that I can Spree killer (9/24/18 11:38 AM): Yes Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 11:39 AM): Guaranteed?? Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 11:40 AM): Sorry 4 all the ?s I'm just trying to get everything in place so I can start working ASAP Spree killer (9/24/18 11:43 AM): Ok Spree killer (9/24/18 11:43 AM): you got Site You Cn Do Tht Spree killer (9/24/18 11:43 AM): Mcbook? Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 11:43 AM): No. Need best one Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 11:44 AM): If u know one Spree killer (9/24/18 11:48 AM): ok Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 1:29 PM): Did u check on pieces?? Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 1:32 PM): I have someone waiting with cash. I wanted to tell them something Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 2:18 PM): Hey Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 2:33 PM): What was that u deleted.. Spree killer (9/24/18 2:33 PM): BESTBUY/ PHONIEX BREACH /MILLIONS OF FIRE CVV 347067- Hit In Best BUY ( 1500$ ) 571642- Hit In Home Depot ( 1000$ ) 571642- Hit In Walmart ( 2k ) 414700- Hit In Target (1k) 414720- Hit In CVS ( 900$ ) 414709- Hit In Walmart ( 2k ) 546638- Hit In CVS ( 900$ ) 546636- Hit In Target (1k) 546616- Hit In Target (1k) 601100- Hit In Walmart ( 2k ) 601149- Hit In Walmart ( 2k ) 587233- Hit In Best BUY ( 1k) 587235- Hit In CVS ( 900$) 587236- Hit In Best BUY ( 1k) 587237- Hit In Walgreen ( 900$ ) 587223- Hit In Best BUY ( 800$ ) 587277- Hit In CVS ( 900$ ) 300975- Hit In Nordstorm ( 1k ) 400853- Hit In Home Depot ( 1k$ ) 401642- Hit In Nordstorm ( 1k ) 400696- Hit In Walgreen ( 900$ ) 510529- Hit In Nordstorm ( 1k ) 510518- Hit In Walgreen ( 900$ ) 587651- Hit In Apple ( 2k) 587653- Hit In Nordstorm ( 1k ) 587657- Hit In Apple ( 1k) 587651- Hit In Walgreen ( 900$ ) 400344- Hit In Apple (2k) ------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Card Informations : Card Number | Exp. Date | CVV/CVV2 | First Name | Last Name | Street City | State | Zip Code | Country | Phone | Type Of Card | Bank Name | DOB | SSN | DL | MM | ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Spree killer (9/24/18 2:34 PM): that it Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 2:34 PM): Oh ok.. Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 2:41 PM): Please let me know if you sent it or not. You tell me to trust the process and I am trying to. But you can't tell me anything about the pieces I paid you for. All I'm asking is for u to keep it real with me. I have from the beginning. I have nothing from getting ripped and had 2 borrow 250 USD to send u 200 USD worth of bitcoin that eventually sent u around 159 USD worth of BTC. Due to the exchange rate. I'm just trying to make something so I can pay my bills. So please tell me something. I've trusted the process and I'm starting to get concerned... I want to do business and maintain it so Please tell me something. Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 4:03 PM): Mr A, can u tell me something?? Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 5:17 PM): ?? Spree killer (9/24/18 5:32 PM): ?? Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 5:32 PM): Whats up Spree killer (9/24/18 5:33 PM): good miss Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 5:33 PM): What's going on with the pieces Spree killer (9/24/18 5:41 PM): Try Solve It Here Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 5:43 PM): I've been asking for you to check the tracking Spree killer (9/24/18 5:43 PM): Yes Spree killer (9/24/18 5:43 PM): I Did Spree killer (9/24/18 5:43 PM): It On Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 5:44 PM): When is it gonna be here Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 5:44 PM): I have people waiting Spree killer (9/24/18 5:44 PM): Tomorrow Or Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 5:44 PM): Or when Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 5:45 PM): I don't want to loose this person. Its my only way of getting cash for btc Spree killer (9/24/18 5:45 PM): OK Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 5:45 PM): So I can continue business with u Spree killer (9/24/18 5:46 PM): Ok Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 5:46 PM): It should say the date so I can have someone there Spree killer (9/24/18 5:46 PM): Ok Spree killer (9/24/18 5:46 PM): Hold Miss Loyalty (9/24/18 6:12 PM): ??? Spree killer (9/25/18 1:54 AM): Here Spree killer (9/25/18 1:55 AM): Did You Load Up the btcoin Miss Miss Loyalty (9/25/18 7:57 AM): No I can't until I get pieces. I told u I gave u all I had. So please tell me when they are supposed to come. I need 2 have someone there to get and I have someone waiting. I paid in what u wanted4. 2 pieces with the last of what I have. Now. I need you 2 check tracking and if u didn't send. Then just tell me. I kept it real from day1. I won't waste anymore of ur time. U told 150 for 2 pieces. I paid u and u think I will load more when u don't get . u send me a pic of an old receipt wait an order date of Sept 17. Miss Loyalty (9/25/18 8:09 AM): Can u tell me something. U say trust the process I'm the one doing all the trusting and I am getting nothing Miss Loyalty (9/25/18 9:57 AM): Mr A. Do u have anything to tell me?? Miss Loyalty (9/25/18 12:53 PM): Hello Miss Loyalty (9/25/18 3:32 PM): Anything??? Miss Loyalty (9/25/18 3:32 PM): Info? Miss Loyalty (9/25/18 3:48 PM): >>Spree killer (9/19/18 2:23 PM): >>I swear to my life and my faListen bro i have be in this business for so many years now, and since i started this business i have never be repoted as a ripper or scammer and i have travel to so many country to work for my buyers...work with faith anpunishment for almight God i d trust bro so i will never take your mily bro if i take you money i take punishment from God..... Miss Loyalty (9/25/18 3:48 PM): Mr A. Why am I not hearing from you amymore.. Miss Loyalty (9/25/18 3:50 PM): Bro i will never take your money without working for you or i will not take your money if i take your money without working for you God i will punish me or slow me down in my business, i have family, wife with 2 kids so i will never take you without working for you if i do that God i will punish me or my family and i will never do that to get So why after u get my money you no longer communicate with me.. Miss Loyalty (9/25/18 3:50 PM): These are your words u sent me.