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    Does amazon verify DOB, gender, or any other info on cc statement that www.secondeyesolution.ch asks for?
  2. Im looking for Fire BINS in Boston area and surrounding. Im willing to trade and/or pay for good info! Thank you!
  3. 1cc live for more then 6week

    USA is North America, not South America lol.
  4. Bins

    I would love to know this as well. Lookin for fire BINS in Boston and surrounding area. im willing to trade and/or pay for good info!
  5. Willing to PAY or TRADE for good BIN list!

    hello everyone, I am willing to pay or trade for a fire BIN list. Looking to buy electronics, luxury items, and GC. Credit card list, not debit. NEW ENGLAND area. HMU if you want to make a deal.

    What brand and what level dumps do you prefer?
  7. I will pay for current BILL=SHIP websites

    Have they been recently tested? PM me.
  8. I will pay for current BILL=SHIP websites

    Just like the title says, I am willing to pay and/or trade for a current list BILL=SHIP websites. Don't even bother messaging me if you have outdated info! Feel free to PM me if you want to do business.
  9. Swiping Vanilla Gift Cards

    You can still purchase GC with CC at walmart in my area. Also, here is some info i found... "Yes, you can purchase a Visa gift card using a credit card at Wal-Mart. The same is true for other gift cards such as Amex, Mastercard, and shopping/dining varieties - all can be purchased using your credit card. ... Yes, you can use a credit or debit card to buy a Visa gift card at Walmart or at other stores."
  10. $What r u guys getting for avail balance on your dumps$

    Just like title says, I would love it if all of you guys could weigh in and let everyone know 1) What shop r u getting ur dumps from? (you could even say what base too) 2) How many dumps did you purchase? 3) Available balances? This info will be beneficial to ALL of us. we can see whose dumps are hitting for the most. so don't be lazy and speak up please!!

    Hello friends, I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to give honest answer, out of 10 Dumps purchased, how many have available balance of at least $1000? Any/All replies would be greatly appreciated. Thank You
  12. Purchase Ebay Seller Account

    I am looking to purchase an ebay seller account. pm me if your interested, Thank You.
  13. Cashout dump+pin (Need Partners )

    LOL! real professional!
  14. I need USA caller to a bank

    still looking?

    Just like the ad says, I'm looking for all kinds of different products. Thanks.