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  1. Need some help non vbv bin needed

    wooow i see why our reputation its -5 dont be so angry it will end by a stroke Добавлено через 1 минуту 1 секунду wooow i see why our reputation its -5 dont be so angry it will end by a stroke
  2. Need some help non vbv bin needed

    Yo guys if someone could help with non vbv non us bin ( got many us no vbv but they shitty )in return i can provide you some priceless few tips too interested you can pm or leave your contact there
  3. Lets improve our games !

  4. Lets improve our games !

    Yep you can catch me there Добавлено через 4 минуты 45 секунд Lets continu our serie its a great post This is the fifth part of How to Do Carding Series. You can find about Part -1 (Introduction) , Part 2- (How does carding works here) , Part 3 ( How Level 3 Carding Works) and Part 4 (How Account Fraud Happens). In our previous part we talked about how does carding works and how account fraud happens. So in this part we will talk about why order gets canceled. So, without any delay let’s start our topic. Why Order Gets Canceled? When a website receives an order of about $1000, we understand that they try to protect themselves. What is the first thing that a website will do to verify the order? That’s right, they will call the issuing bank and will check if the billing phone number you entered is correct, otherwise they will ask for it, and will ring it. You can receive the call, or the cardholder will, depending if you ATO’d the account correctly. This is why orders get canceled when newbies enter a credit card order and expect to receive a free iPhone from the Apple store. They are not fools and want to protect themselves. However, if you took care of changing the billing number on file, you will get the call and you will be able to confirm the order. Not so fast, a call is not simply “is everything okay?”, but rather a verification call where they want to see if you are really the cardholder or not. They sometimes ask you for verification questions similar to Verid questions, but all the questions are taken from public reports. They can also ask you if you put the shipping address on file with the bank (you hopefully did), and they will call the bank to verify. Also, in some rare cases, they can make a conference call with you and the bank, but you will be asked for the usual questions, which means last 4 of SSN, DOB, last transactions, etc. If you are a newbie and just put some credit card information on a website hoping to get a free iPhone, you will just see the order passing to Canceled state without any details and you will not even get a call. This is the reason why people post threads about “carding does not work” and get the same answers. If you passed the verification call, the representative will tell you that everything is okay and that they will have the order shipped out today. This is good news! At this stage, I received 100% of my items, I never had problems past the verification stage. Now you may be tempted to hit another site; resist to the temptation. You ATO’d card can almost be considered a level 4 card, at you own the account and can do whatever you want, so it has a high sentimental value. Wait for the order to ship and the package to leave the merchant before you hit another webstore. I recommend carding in the morning, to avoid letting a charge sit on the card for too long. You never know how often a cardholder checks his statement online. I had cards that died within hours, and other ones lasted 3 months. Once the package is shipped, you can card another store, no need to call the bank, as your drop address is already on file. Repeat until the card is burnt. Once it is burnt, never show your face at the drop again. The alternate address is on the bank’s records and they can send Law Enforcement to this place. A drop is like a condom, use it once, do all your business, and trash it, because it becomes dirty. Another verification step they can take is send you an e-mail asking for scans of your ID documents, such as passport and driver’s license. These can easily be photoshopped and there are templates available everywhere. Utility bills are pretty easy to forge too, so don’t worry about this part. Do what you have to do, but be quick. Another step you can take, is to put the shipping name on the package to a family member of yours, for example if the cardholder’s name is James Latyon, send the package to a certain Harry Layton (find a name that’s on the report and have their DOB, in case) and say you are sending the package to your son / brother / whatever relationship you have on your report. Also, keep in mind that no method is perfect, and the website can cancel the order simply because they feel it is not safe to process it. Nothing is perfect, but if you ATO’d the account successfully, it should be easy. Remember to stay under $2000 per order. You never know what other tricks they may use to catch you. Always choose the fastest shipping method. Some say it raises flags, but if you did everything else correctly, that will not be the reason why your order fails. Besides, it greatly reduces your chances of getting an intercepted package, which is a pain in the ass and makes your efforts worthless. This brings me to the topic of finding a drop to ship your order to. You can ship it to your house without any problem, if you want the police to knock at your door and make you ride dirty to the police station, and get in a steaming pile of shit of trouble. So read on to find out how to ship your order safely. Hope you get some Concept why Order Gets Canceled. In our next part of How to Do Carding Series we will publish about Drops. SO be updated with the series.
  5. Lets improve our games !

    This is the first example, if you have the correct MMN (this is the most frequently asked token). Agent: Thank you for calling Chase, my name is Bob, who am I speaking with? You: James R Layton. Agent: Thank you mister Latyon, and for security purposes, may I have the mother’s maiden name on the account? You: Lucile. Agent: Thank you, and what is your date of birth? You: October 1st, 1965. Agent: Thank you mister Layton, what can I do for you today? This is the second example, if you do not have the MMN. Guess it, and do not hesitate. You know yourself better than the agent does, and they can only rely on the information they have on their screen to validate your answers. Agent: Thank you for calling Chase, my name is Bob, who am I speaking with? You: James R Layton. Agent: Thank you mister Latyon, and for security purposes, may I have the mother’s maiden name on the account? You: Smith. Agent: I actually have something different here, it starts with C. You: With C? It’s impossible! Her name was Lucy Smith, she never used any other name! Agent: Well, you do not have any other name that might start with C? (if you have a last name starting with C on the background report) You: My aunt’s maiden name is Charlotte, but I doubt that’s the answer you have on file. (if you have nothing like that on the report) You: No, no one in my family uses such a name. Agent: Oh well, let me take note of this for you, can you confirm the last 4 digits of your social security number? You: 4456. Agent: Thank you, and what is your date of birth? You: October 1st, 1965. Agent: And you billing address with the zip code? You: 123 Fake Street, Fakeville, NY, 10008. Agent: Thank you Mr. Layton, how can I help you today? If you hear that, it means you got in. Otherwise, you will be transferred to the security department for the multiple-choice questions, have your report in hand. If you fail, the card is dead. Make sure you spoofed the cardholder’s number, otherwise you could be asked for other questions like driver’s license number, vehicule plate number, etc. Those are questions you probably do not have the answer to. Now, what you want to do is change the billing phone number. A sample dialog with the agent can go as follow. You: I would like to change my phone number. This phone will be disconnected tomorrow and I want to give you my new primary number so you can reach me if there is something. Agent: Okay I see, what is the number? You: 234-567-8901. Agent: Thank you, is there something else I can do for you? You: No thanks. Agent: Thank you for calling Chase, have a wonderful night. Once you passed the verification part, the rest is pretty straightforward and is relaxing. Now that you changed the billing number, let the card rest for at least 5 days. Do not make any transaction. The cardholder will continue to use his card normally too. During your call, at the end, if you failed the MMN question, you might want to remind the agent to change the MMN on file to avoid problems next time you call. Also take note, at any point, if the agent wants to put you on hold, or says he needs to verify something and will be back, wait for him to put you on hold, and hang up. It basically means they are going to ring the cardholder. If this happens, you might want to wait at least 48 hours before calling again, and you will see just by the automated prompts if the card is burnt or not. Maybe they did not call the cardholder, but in 90% of the cases, they did. It happens, especially with Citibank, who likes to replace the Verid questions by a quick ring to the cardholder. The questions often change when you call, but they always follow a certain pattern. By experience, I will give you the tokens usually asked by the big 4 banks, but we aware that they might change, or they might ask you other questions if they believe you are bogus. They can ask for your age to throw you off, as you might not have to calculate it fast enough using the DOB. If you fail this verification, you will be transferred to Verid department. Chase Bank, level: hard • Full name • MMN (if failed, last transaction) • Last 4 of SSN Citibank, level: medium • Full name • Password (pet name, MMN, favorite hobby, or best friend, if failed, last 4 of SSN and CVV) • Mailing address • Phone number Bank of America, level: easy • Full name • (sometimes) Verbal password, which is MMN (if failed, DOB) • Last 4 of SSN Capital One, level: medium • Full name • Last 4 of SSN • MMN (if failed, DOB and mailing address) Since you have to wait 5 days, it’s a good idea to create an account on your target website, browse the items, put some in your cart, go to checkout, go back, remove items, read descriptions. Just try to appear like a legitimate shopper. Remember that $1000 is a lot of money for the average American and if you show you don’t care about your money and just throw items in your cart, you raise flags. Look like you care about how much it costs. There is also a technique that works well with Citibank: when you are asked for the MMN by the automated system, if you fail, you will hear “the agent might need to ask you verification questions”, and if you succeed, you will be connected and everything will be a breeze. When the automated system asks you for the password, say “Jope” while putting a high tone on the O sound, then slightly lower your pitch. Say the word at normal speed, like when you are talking to someone. This will trick the automated system into beleiving that you got it right. You might have to retry 2-3 times for it to work, but I got it with almost all my accounts. This will save you a lot of hassle with the agent and will make the call extremely easy. Once you got rid of this verification process, it will be easier next time you call the bank for this account. So let’s suppose you followed me and let it sit for 5 days. Call again, and this time, we will add a temporary shipping address to the account. A transcript can go as follow: (pass verification questions) You: I want to make a purchase from Newegg.com but they ask me to add a temporary shipping address on file. I’m not sure how that works, do I just tell you where I want them to send my order? Agent: Let me help you with that, we can add an alternate address on the account, what would be the address? You: 123 Fraud Street, Cardingville, CA, 98765. Agent: No problem mister Layton, I have notated the account for you, is there something else I can assist you with today? You: No thank you Agent: Have a good afternoon. Almost all banks allow that, except Bank of America, who can only change the mailing address. That’s why their cards are not the best when it comes to level 3 carding, but some stores will do a conference call with the bank to bypass this restriction. Chase works the best for temporary shipping addresses, but is hard to ATO. It all depends on your skills and what you’re comfortable with. All US banks accept a Canadian address, and some banks may accept an international address. Once you have added the alternate address in the account, it’s time to make the hit. Take your account on the website you want to card, shop a little bit again, then proceed to checkout. Try not to go over $2000 per order. Enter the correct billing address, double-check the information. Enter the billing phone number (the one you added on the file at the bank), then your shipping address. Triple-check all the information for accuracy. Then, send the order. You might be greeted by a VBV or MCSC form, but if you have the required information, it should not be a problem. Enter the information they want to get, and submit the order. Also, some websites like TigerDirect will ask you for your DOB and will give you 3 verification questions to answer. Those are public records and can easily be found in your background report, so don’t be scared. If you fail 1 question, you will be asked an additional question. If you fail 2 or more, the order will be put “on hold” and things will get harder, so try not to fail. At this point, 2 things can happen when you submit the order. It depends on the spending habits of the cardholder, and will make things easier or harder for you. The order goes through without any problem, and becomes “pending” status. The transaction get declined and the website says to call the issuing bank. If this happens, call the bank, the system will act like the card is burnt (transfer without any additional questions), and a fraud agent will answer. Remember, the card is yours, tell them you authorized the transaction, but you don’t know why it’s declined. It’s usually easy if you have the correct information, but if you ATO’d the account before, chances are that you have everything it takes. When the agent tells you you are all set, resend the order on the website. Call as soon as you get the decline, don’t wait, otherwise the real cardholder will get a call you don’t want him to get. All right, the order is now sent and the status is “pending”. The next section will tell you why some orders get canceled (newbie mistakes), and why in your case everything should be all right.
  6. Lets improve our games !

    Yea have pmed you Добавлено через 15 минут 18 секунд Suite of this awesome article about carding ill post another part tommorow Do you dream of carding thousands of dollars worth of computer hardware on Newegg? It’s doable, but not easy. You have to follow the right steps. I carded a $10,000 gaming rig in under 2 weeks using platinum cards by following that guide, so I’m in position to tell you how. First thing, check the balance of your credit card. Now, before going crazy, remember this rule of thumb: Do not use card checkers! They burn the card very quick. Let me explain. Every transaction automatically gets a fraud score between 0 and 999. The system used to evaluate transactions is the same used by the big 4 banks and is called Fair Issac. Transactions having a fraud score over 300 will hit manual review by an agent, who will decide if they contact the cardholder or just let it though. Scores over 500 with auto-decline, block the card, and an agent will contact the cardholder. Some banks have different criterias, but things that can affect the fraud score are: Comparison with the usual spending pattern of the cardholder Location of the charge Amount Risk factor of the associated merchant For example, a $20 charge in the cardholder’s local Walmart will not trigger anything, but a large purchase of $2000 on Newegg.com will have a high fraud score and probably auto-decline if the cardholder rarely makes online purchases. So how is this relevant? A small card-not-present charge followed by a big charge will make the fraud score very high, because they assume you are testing the card. If they see a small $1 charge, then a few minutes later a large purchase online, they will auto-decline the card and your plan will likely fail. There are much better ways to check if a card works. The best way is to call the bank’s toll-free number and use the automated prompts. This brings no danger, however use Spooftel to spoof your number to display the cardholder’s number. Once you do that, you are ready to call the issuing bank’s number and check how much is left on the card. Let’s get to it. Call the bank using your burner phone and have in hand the following information, according to the bank. The automated prompt will give you access to the transaction list, balance, and a few other options. Here is the information for the biggest 4 banks: Chase Bank – 1-800-432-3117 Full card number Zip code Note: If you correctly spoofed the phone number, you will only be asked for the last 4 digits of the card, otherwise you will be asked for the full card number. Citibank – 1-800-627-3999 Full card number Last 4 digits of SSN Bank of America – 1-888-421-2110 Full card number Zip code Capital One – 1-800-955-7070 Full card number Last 4 digits of SSN If, for any bank, you enter the card number and the system immediately transfers you to an agent without additional questions, it means the account is closed and the card is burnt. No need to waste time on this one, just hang up and use another card. The agent will only tell you the same thing, and you will look dumb. It’s always a good practice to take note of the last transactions and amounts, just in case you get asked for them later. Listen to them and write them down, I recommend up to 8 transactions for maximum safety. So you have the balance and the available credit line now. Nice! So you know how much you can spend online. Before you go crazy though, there is one more obstacle you need to be aware of: many sites like Newegg or TigerDirect refuse to ship to an address that is not on file with the bank. And chances are that your cardholder does not reside at your drop address. Here is how we will solve this problem, introducing the Account Take-Over fraud, also known as ATO. ATO is the process in which a fraudster (you) calls the bank to make whatever changes he wants to the account, without the cardholder knowing. This involves speaking with a customer service agent and using social engineering. Before you even think about pressing 0 to speak to an agent, make sure you have, at the very least, the following information in hand: Full card number, expiration date, CCV code Full billing address of the cardholder (and county) Date of birth (and write down the age too, not just the DOB) SSN MMN (Mother Maiden Name) Employer name (facultative, if possible, try to find it on Facebook) Car make and model (facultative, if possible, try to do a Google StreetView on the CH’s house) House size and value (facultative, if possible find it in realestate.com as this is public information) Driver’s license number, expiration, state (facultative) Previous addresses Background report In case you do not have the MMN, try to guess using common last names in the background report. If you really cannot find it, sometimes it is possible to get around it with other questions. Once you have this information in hand, study it, try to remember it. Remember, you are the cardholder, the card is yours, and you are confident, just like when you call your own bank for a legitimate request. When you call the bank, you will be usually asked for 3 security tokens. Those tokens can be, but are not limited to: DOB, SSN, Address, CCV code, cellphone, MMN. If you fail 1 token, you will be asked 2 more. At this point, 2 things can happen: You did it correctly, so the agent will listen to you and will do whatever request you have to do on the CH’s account, and no flags will be raised. The agent suspects an ATO is occuring, and transfers you do the securiy department. This is called the Verid department, and you will be asked 2 OoW (Out of Wallet) questions. Those are multiple-choice questions based on the cardholder’s credit history and public records. They can be easy or tricks, it’s random every time it happens. If you fail those, they will tell you that they can’t help you and will suggest you show up in person at your bank. They will also ring the cardholder. So if you fail this one, forget this card, it’s burnt to a crisp. The first thing you want to do on the account is change the billing phone number. Only that. Do nothing else, as making too many changes will raise a red flag on the account. Call to change the main billing number and let the card sit still for at least 5 days. All right, are you ready? Relax, sit in your favorite couch, call the bank, listen to the prompts, and press 0. The message goes on, this call may be recorded for quality purposes.
  7. Lets improve our games !

    No used to do Wu lomg time ago but now totally time waste , their security are too highly sensitive and its not interessant for a good return you shoulld focus on other ways more easy and more profitables
  8. Lets improve our games !

    Your welcome dude sharing can help us go forward
  9. Lets improve our games !

    Hey yall im old carders from abh and verifiedmarkets times have really struggle in this game and many times wanted to just gave up and years to years have discovered many things and accumulated knowledge.POST ITS A BIT LONG BUT YOU BETTER READ TILL THE END MOSTLY IF YOU ARE A STARTER Hers some few free tips -Carding in us really hard than eu cause us and uk ccs have billing on files so you cant definitively use your shipping as billing address exept if you are able to make a COB and this is another story -In eu the carding is abit easier but at the same time harder why ? simply bcause 99% of platforms are vbv and of course eu ccs too So you can either order by phone or find no vbv platform thats the trick and be ready to provide docs and HQ ones cause they really sensitive to it and you need to know exactly what you are doing -Some Fr shops dont check cvv number so you can use generated no vbv cc to card there and its shipped i use it since 5 years for now but first know which payment platforms got this s weakness and two you need to find out your own generable no vbv ccs with enough bal . Method still working got few stuffs recntly with this , THat method is immortal. -If you dont want to loose lot of money on expensives useless ccs you better learn shops security and mindsets first and then know well yourr css and how they are reacting -And the game is going harder to harder sofor success dont loose your time in thos hundred times shaared tutos for amazon and all llooool shits methods pasted sinncee -You better know what shops you are carding their policy fraud protection and be ready to bypass it docs , ips clean , scripts , vbv , billing etc etc... -You better know tools like virtual numbers , spoofcard , and a lot of social engineering if you want real results and make real cash -You better find your own cashout method live those patched stripe and all take time think a lot , test platform , finds cahsouts ways , simulate payments test everything and trust me you will find your personnalized cashout AND THAT HAS BEEN MY MAiN ERRORS SINCE THOSE YEARS have just stayed in the same stuff with same methods and same targets no nono !! Think a bit if you sucess in some shops imagine how much fraud they are receiving per month at the end they will close all those weakness like pp and ebay did and you will be fucked as i did ...So never stay in your way even if still working cause somedays it will get fucked , Anticipate -Find cashout method for direct cash like carding egift and resell for btc , getiing tickets , loading prepaid credit card etc ..... -And for the end even if you have Einstein knwoledge on this you cant do anything without good tools find a cc seller , run on carding forum see sellers , read feedbacks , test stuffs until you get a good cheap sellers . -And not the least how you can no that a cc is live without killing it you should learn how to check and a last trick some noobs are doing this error autoshop checkers mostly kills ccs so use it at the ending when you are sure cc is dead to get a refund . So why im i writing this i want first give a direction to noob cause if somoene had given me i would never make those stupid errors and if heres some Other tutos about carding im sharing open your mind you will get results If you are interested to go further with my advices and improve your results im working on some methods right now mssge me on Icq 687481697 and lets talk !!! FREE SHARES REALLY EDUCATING LEARNED A LOT WITH THIS Prerequisites for Carding In Introduction part we already discussed about the different types of Carding. So let’s talk about the prerequisites: Level 1: Easy Carding Credit Card Number Expiration date Level 2: Intermediate Carding Credit Card Number Expiration Date CCV Code Card Holder Name Full Billing Adress Sometimes, phone number of the account Level 3: Hard Carding Credit Card Number Expiration Date CCV Code Card Holder Name Full Billing Address SSN Date of Birth Recommended, background report How it Works? If you are aiming for Level 1 carding, you just need to call for pizza and order the pizza to another address, no need to write lengthy paragraphs on this one. This is easy one and is pretty straight forward. If you are aiming for Level 2 Carding , you can card background report or small physical items mostly under 150$. All orders are done online and you will have to enter the correct billing address, shipping address and card information. Now, you must see if the website says billing phone number on file with the bank or simply contact number.If the website asks for billing phone number, you have to put the phone number on file with the bank for the cardholder, otherwise it is safe to put your burner phone number. Now, Is the website going to call you? It depends on the order, their policy and their suspicion about you. ( So there’s no safe answer to the question) Remember Carding is often Trial and error Level 3 Carding First, you need the right type of card. This is called finding the right BIN (Bank Identification Number). To learn more, go to Bindb.com, at the top go on Bin Search and enter the first 6 digits of the card. They will tell you the issuing bank, and card type. You have debit and credit cards, and the card type can vary from weakest to strongest, they are: Secured: Very low limits , sometimes around $300 Classic: Low limits, sometimes around $1000 Gold: Average limits, can be around $3000 Platinum: High limits, can be around $8000 Business: Very high limits, in the 5 digits, often around $15,000 Signature: The best ones, I got cards that had $30,000 of credit limi Note that those numbers are subject to change according to the card holder’s credit score, history, and spending patterns. For the benefit of this guide we will only work with credit cards. By experience, debit card often do not have funds, and have tight security for online purchases. In other words, they are rubbish for Level 3 Carding, but may have other uses like Level 1 or Level 2 Purchase. Register and account on any SSN finder site such as ssnfinder.ru or ssndob.cc and look for subject. At the same time, go on peoplefinders.com and get the full background report of your subject using a Level 2 Card. Once you have the background report, look if the addresses and DOB match on the report and on backstab. If everything matches, you can assume the SSN will be correct. Use your common sense to compare the the backstab and people finders report to make sure you don’t get the wrong information. About 80% of the subjects over 40 years old can be found. You have SSN and DOB. Great! now, time to get the mother maiden name. This is slightly harder and will work if your victim is one of those states: Arizona, California, Delaware, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Ohio, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Texas. Go on archives.com and card an account, then look for your subject’s mother (Look at the background report for her name and date of birth) and try to look for her birth record. this is a trial and error case and works 50% of the time. Why get all the information? Because many level 3 swites will have either VBV (Verifies by VISA) or MCSC ( MasterCard Secure Code) protection during checkout. This is a form that is presented by the issuing bank of the credit card and asks for additional questions. Although every type of card is different the commonly asked questions are: Date of Birth Last 4 digits of SSN Full Name on Card Billing zip code If you fail any of these questions, the order will not go through.
  10. My little Amazon Scam i Need Help With

    Contact me by pm

    Stripe check for cvv bro i find non cvv merchant as amazon

    UPDATE PLEASE READ I was planning this platform cause when i chcked they dt need cvv of cc or couldnt check , but finally order failed means that they check cvv So if you know some platform payment like amazon paiement platform which dt require cvv to charge the cards or can charge cc with fake cvv like 000 contact me urgent and if you can setup a merchant account with them cause the thing is that i can get UNLIMITED NUMBERS of VALID cc with no cvv i really mean UNLIMITED I dt spam or hack databases but i have my own private insaturated and immortal method and its work with worldwide ccs so i cant get fr germany us uk be it etc....all valid but WITH NO CVV SO if you no a merchant account that dt either check cvv or can allow merchant to not setup cvv control of customers contact me asap we can start at anytime

    Yea dude i know but this one specially got something that i can exploit

    HEllo since im planning a big cashout im tired of this shopping hustling so recently i discovered a merchant platform that i could easily load her name helcim so its just like stripe a payment processors for merchant but they need some documentation like commercial licence etc...So if you can setup a hq online shop and you have experiences with merchants accounts dont wanna noobs or trials , and if you can provide your application and get approved by them just let work ...Im not asking you anything !!! Im going first I will make purchases in your shops and as they pay fast 1st payment will be around 500$ if you ripp then lol you rich , and i havent lost anything but you yess , but if you send me my share correctly then we will increase amount up to 1000$ per day until they burn your acc ...So interested pm your telegramm or icq

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