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  1. USA partners who know local store owners

    Guaranteed steady money for partners who know local store/corner store/shop owners. Or any shops or business with POS machines. This is not a skimming operation. There are cards to be charged with known balance. But need store insiders or owner's cooperation. Details in PM. Send jabber or telegram.
  2. @section8 and juey3rd I'm not some joker. Send me a PM or reply your PM the type of confirmations I can provide will surely convince you if you are serious people
  3. We have USA bank business accounts to receive wires. We are not interested in reverse ACH or funds that quickly kills account before we can cash out. For serious wire transfer teams, we can arrange escrow and deposit as much as $10k with forum escrow as a guarantee in advance. Not interested in transfers below $20k Preferred type of wires - international wire, classified/auction, and other types of scams.
  4. The game finally dead men!

    I've made post about several tools needed for work. Only encounter rippers. Very few honest vendors for what I want. Before there used to be guys who sold bot logs or results from bot logs reasonable prices. Good spammers who sold fullz with online access Vendors that can sell complete bot solution exe hosting traffic (quality traffic) Quality reliable dumps with high validity correct track1 2 zip not generated zips
  5. The game finally dead men!

    Shit ain't the same. Even the boards seems to be ghosted. Old timers ain't eating shit. Dont know if the new cats are making money either. Half the shits in the stores are garbarge. How is it just me that lagging behind and aint catching up with the new things happening. May the guys doing BEC frauds making more money right now than fucking instorers. Wtf is happening guys?
  6. Brazilian Job - Partners needed

    Need recruit resident Brazilian cashout team for on-going work. You must be resident in Brazil. Preferably Estados no Sul do Pais. We have everything already just so many works at the moment and require more hands. What we do - Transfer pick ups - All available in Brazil ( Fast transfers: Ria Money Transfer, Sharemoney, Xoom, WU, MG. Slow: Transferwise, worldremite, enviouchegou, azimo, xendpay) - Creating bank drops - Local physical address drops for pick ups We are interested in more partners that can send this types of transfers to Brazil. Details in PM. Available to chat on Telegram and Jabber
  7. UK Full info For SALE - 2 $ fresh base

    If you accept escrow we can deal. Can you tell me your fullz format? Past here on in PM
  8. 201 SWIPING

    yeah thats what he means 1dip 2 dip whatever amount of time it takes to fall back for swipe.
  9. South America transfers

    I'm interested in working with people that can send transfers to Brazil. There is a local team to pick up transfers from: MG/WU, Ria Money Transfer, Paypal, Sharemoney, Xoom. Transferwise, WorldRemit, enviouchegou, azimo, xendpay. First contact via PM. So we can discuss terms. If you have other plans as regards work in Brazil we can discuss this too.
  10. Uk fullz needed

    I need quality UK fullz. Verified vendor or old member. Escrow is a must.
  11. N/A - abracadabra@jabb.im

    abracadabra@jabb.im username: abracadabra He agreed to sell a PNC login for me with email access for $200. I decided to make this deal with him because we had previous history. He had previously fronted me 2 PNC that got locked due to incomplete Sec Question and Answer. Its been 5 days no response on jabber. I want him to refund asap or get banned.