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  1. Verifone vx670 skimmer

    Cheers!!... Will do. Your Intelligence are flawless and amazing. Safe!
  2. Verifone vx670 skimmer

    Quite right considering that the Verifone Software has been around for long. No wanting to take sides, but the software doesn't support most newer models of the Verifone eg VX675 due to the PKI Keys and Digital Certificate issues and the implementation of Verix EVO(lution) OS. Now, Ingenico is another animal by itself. But that also, has been replaced by some fancy looking X990 and e285 with some Android and V/OS (Linux based) Software's running on the background. Its a huge competition between the French's Ingenico and American Verifone. That war and stupidity between this two Payment Processing Manufacturers, have IMPROVED security, technology and indirectly killed the Skimming Business... And here we are..... Arguing about selling a predecessor software's that is outdated is premature. Instead of having such arguments; why not discuss improvements and development of software's to benefit everyone? WTF Guys?? THINK! If opportunity doesn't knock... build a door!!
  3. Advise On Running An .Exe File On The ATM

    Hi, So i succeeded in opening up the above-mentioned machine, with a key, plugged in a: 1. mouse receiver - mouse works!! 2. USB Stick with relevant software's (which i shall not discuss here) - don't know if it works; neither it auto-runs nor does it pop up on the screen. Approx 30 minutes after unsuccessfully trying, i removed the USB Stick and rechecked at home; files remains intact. So, my question; how do i bloody run an .exe file on a running NCR APTR4 atm? Your intelligence's are greatly appreciated.
  4. Point Of Sale Shimmer

    Thank You for the explanation mate... Great one....
  5. Point Of Sale Shimmer

    So Waddup with these? question is... is it legit? does it capture D+P? can it be used on the Ing3nic0? and Ver1f0n3? if so? who here; have experience with these? will i need to consider DDA/SDA/CDA before implementing? Someone kindly enlighten? and share your stories...
  6. may i propose a different business in malaysia? jabber?