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  1. tutorials

    does anyone have any tutorials on carding, bank jobs or anything relevant? Please don't offer to teach me anything i'm not interested in enriching bottom feeder fraudsters. any help will be genuinely appreciated.
  2. Cashout Partner - Seeking Cashier

    I may be able to help in more ways than one. PM me or ICQ 74215201
  3. New to game-

    hmu on icq 742 152 101
  4. New to game-

    Thanks for your response. But that won't get me any closer to my goal.
  5. New to game-

    Whats shakin? I'm new to the carding world. I'm looking for a an experienced hacker/carder who can teach me the game. I'm willing to pay for your time. If there is anything else besides monetary incentive i can offer you just ask. i may be valuable in ways you might not think. ICQ 742152101