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  1. Will this overlay work?

    Thanks to the help of many members of this forum, I've managed to build an overlay skimmer, and plan to deploy it in a week or two, so thanks to everyone for that. Planning for my next skimmer, I'm thinking of going with a slightly larger design, but for the same machine, so it will blend in a bit better. The machine is a newer Diebold (the picture of the card acceptance slot with the black center below), and I was wondering if I could use the similar but solid color style overlays for this sort of machine (The second picture, overlay entirely silver). Disregarding the curved/flat bit above the light, will the overlay fit over this kind of machine? If anyone knows, I'd really appreciate your help with this.
  2. Changing Name on Dump

    I've heard that when some people use dumps in store, they change the name on track 1 to match another name, such as one they have on a fake ID. Is this safe to do? What I mean is, will it trip any security checks, since the info on the track is different?
  3. Anyone have any knowledge?

    I've been doing some virtual carding for a few months, and it's going ok, but I've decided to go into real carding. I have AN MSR reader/writer and cards to use, I was just wondering if anyone could give me some technical info on ATM's. Where I'm located in the US, most machines are 5-10+ years old, and mostly diebold or hyosung. I was looking into forks, and I understand the concept of them, I just don't understand how they work in practice. If all you're doing is wedging the cash door open, then why not just use a solid piece of metal? And why are they hinged? Probably noob questions, but I don't know the particulars of internals of these machines. I was also wondering if anyone had any sort of schematic for a insert card skimmer or the type that plugs into the inside of a gas pump. I can easily fabricate metal and electronic parts, so I should easily be able to manufacture myself. Of course I'd be willing to pay (with escrow) for any schematics anyone has of these devices, and if anyone has any for sale at reasonable prices I'd also be interested. Thanks in advance guys.
  4. 101 Dump asking for PIN?

    I just bought a 101 credit visa platinum dump from joker, and when I went to use it, it asked for a PIN, with no option to not enter it. I did use a self-checkout at a major US retailer, is that the issue? Can you not use dumps on self-checkouts? If that's not the issue, then what is?
  5. ATM Forks

    How does one use an ATM fork to trick the machine into staying open. Do you just have to jam it in the money slot and let it try to shut on it? or do you stick it all the way into the dispenser, and when money from a transaction is primed in the dispenser you pull it out with the fork and cancel the transaction. I'm talking about the metal forks that are hinged in the middle. Also, wouldn't this set off an alarm of some sort? Probably a noob question, but I'm just wondering.
  6. Where to put hidden camera

    I've recently secured a small overlay skimmer for a newer model Diebold ATM, but I have no idea where to put a camera to get a PIN. There isn't much room on the sides of the ATM for a brochure holder (already ordered one), but I'm thinking it may be my best option at this point. The ATM is sunk into a wall inside of a standalone glass vestibule (not attached to a bank or any other building, it's in the middle of a parking lot). I was thinking I could put the holder on the glass; I'm pretty sure a pinhole would be noticeable, but I'll have to check when I get it. I was just wondering if anyone had any alternative ideas, or knew where to get some other kind of overlay to hide a camera in that would be better.
  7. Gas Pump Skimmer Wanted

    If nobody has a plug in skimmer then I would also be looking for a keypad (for common gilbarco pumps), or a way to make an overlay. I can get the sticker for it, I just can't find a way to put a sensor of some sort underneath it and get the data from it.
  8. Gas Pump Skimmer Wanted

    I'm looking to buy a gas pump skimmer, the sort that you attach inside of the pump directly to the card reader, preferably with a connection to the pin pad and Bluetooth as well, but I'll possibly buy an older model as well. PM me any offers, need it ASAP.
  9. MSRTron

    exactly, which is why I'm asking for a reputable person to vouch. I'm not saying they're any good, I think you're just misunderstanding what I said.
  10. MSRTron

    Are http://msrtron.com/card-readers legit? I've heard good things about them, but I want to make absolutely sure they're legit before I order from them. I've seen one or two people on here say they're legit, but usually with low post count and no reputation. Can any reputable member/mod/admin vouch for them?