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  1. Hey, I do not SELL anything!! Already been rated -1 for your comment about me. I am a buyer. All I am saying is that I ordered the stuff and if they rip me off; I will come to this site and review and warn people about it. I AM NOT A SELLER. I ORDERED THE GOODS 2 days ago. I am also not referring anyone to any site. so STOP SWEARING ME AND I DO NOT SELL ANYTHING. I am new on this forum but not new on the streets. I rip nobody off bro. I have my own shit. I will speak to Admin about this rating and miscommunication. That is before I saw and read the reviews here!
  2. WHAT??? Ooohhhh no... Damn!!! I just ordered it!! Damn!! And I kept wondering how its going to know that it is capturing the correct IP. Fro what I read, it works on WIFI based Speedpoints or ATMs. But always wondered what happens with other wifi devices around? Question: Are you also saying that the RFID device does not work as well?? I guess I will be the guinea pig on this forum for this! Damn!! these negative or positive comments worry me so much! especially when item has been ordered.
  3. need sms service in USA

    how much you want for your number? Textnow is giving me problems and I need this to verify SMSes and OPTs. You can PM me. I also want a P-A-G sim with worlwide roaming that I can recharge online. We can chat privately. take care...
  4. Question: how online checker works?

    jabber.at - Registration deactivated Registration is currently deactivated. Please see the start page if there is any more information. jabber.at/account/register/ ANSWER TO MY COMMENT. Due to new EU laws. Where is this COMICAL?
  5. Question: how online checker works?

    there is the luxury site. dig around crdclub (cLUB2cRD) and you will find their link. You have to be a member and they charge $1 per transaction/CHECKER/TESTER. You also have to have jabber to be a member!! Tricky to setup Jabber. Search and you will find. Apparently they LUXURY (something something) have a system that will not get your card banned! dISCLAIMER: I DO NOT WORK FOR THEM NOR AN AFFILIATE NOR DO I PROMOTE THEIR SITE NOR APPROVE OF FRAUD!!
  6. WTF???

    Please use google translator. Ohhh... one of the major rules here is no Swearing/Vulgar. They might ban you pretty quick! There are some links to some card sites (ads here). I will update you over the weekend if they work perfectly. 3/4 years ago I was using unicc but now I just read here that their site was hijacked. and they have some .ru link which is not working!! I saw two sites for carding that look promising and they are advertised here. So click them and join as a member. I do not buy from individuals personal card info. Or for a peace-of-mind; buy yourself a grabber of GSM one and hustle. That will lower your blood pressure. Take care... That is my best advise. I lost $5000 from some cake on this individual DM me BS years ago on some BTC stuff. No more. Try do your own stuff. And stop swearing so much! Keep carding, if you think $30 is little, then no need to stress about it. Warn others about those people and keep-it-moving or leave the card game and try new stuff. There is no honour among thieves. The rules have changed!!
  7. about emv software

    I am so tired of this bullshit. My man, I did nothing to you. You just on my fucking case. So they robbed me, fine. Let it rest and do you. I do not have the equipment yet. When I do, I will inform everybody of the results and will post it here. In the meanwhile, go bully somebody else. I am done with your Trump mentality. Go fuck off. I work for myself and million miles away from France and EMV people. I do not know them except via email. If they knock me; I keep it moving... Was never my money in the first place. I scammed it with my HAK5 Gear. So, fuck you. @natureboounty and his other bitch @clutch5. I am done with YOUR BULLYING. I told you I am not a seller. I do not skim YOU nor anybody here. I back nor affiliate with no company anywhere. I stand alone and do my shit. bashing me and my name with unfound statement and your Trumpism bullshit will not succeed with me and your threats to get me banned. You have been using vulgarity towards me for what reason?? I am new here...yes... But ain't new in these streets nor in money circles. You tried to get me banned and lowered my grading... so, move on to another target. I am here to learn and make money with or without you bitch asses and school yard Trump bullying bullshit.
  8. about emv software

    I told you I am not a seller. I did not advertise anything here. I am merely telling what I did. Stop putting my name down and talking shit. I did not saying the software works. I just ordered the software and never read the review here prior to my order. I have chatted with those guys and I have proof of their existence. Whether they scam or not is another matter. I did PM you to explain that and STOP calling me names and putting labels on me. I have the proof that some people are selling these things BUT I have not tested them. Which of that you do not understand?? I am no scammer. I sell nothing to nobody and never will do that. I procure and that is it. I have not received my items at my drop and have not tested them. I am also curious about what works. You just jumping into conclusions and harassing me for nothing. I am not an affiliate of any company nor scammers.
  9. about emv software

    They are not Scam. They are based in Paris. I have spoken to them via e-mail (protonmail) a few times.). I ordered the software for $2000 and I am awaiting hardware to test. I just read that the EMV software is crap!! So, I am very worried about that. Will know when I get my hardware what is what. I noticed someone selling a cracked version of EMV for $200 on the darkweb. I have their details but not allowed to post here. Anyways... I am full of regrets for the waste of funds! I will see when I get my eish.
  10. Я обязательно буду в контакте. У меня есть заказ на размещение около 4000 долларов в Amazon. Будет ли это проблемой, если я куплю свое личное имя с помощью ваучеров?