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  1. Cases of fraudsters getting caught?

    Are there any sites thats post on fraudsters getting caught other then deepdotweb?
  2. How do carders do it?

    i have bought 12 ATO accs, have spent 1/4 of my 4k investment just on that . and got absolutely no where . believe me , i know fraud procedures , i made sure i was using fresh configs and user agent with cookie imported and proper browser , i was using my own personal source rdps that i get from botnet , so theyre guaranteed fresh not sold to anyone else and they all had 0 ip score. i sent like 200-600 in clean funds to all of them , i waited exactly 2 weeks , tried to make small purchases and got sms verification prompt , even thou there was no phone linked to the acc. so i wasted my money on all of these including the clean funds , which icant move out of the accs , so thats gone too. i dont do thing faster either , i course it out over days and weeks and move slowly , after i failed i move on to coinbase and well , i only failed even harder and wasted money on bank logs and more rdp setups
  3. How do carders do it?

    how are their just people on here that make hundreds everyday doing simple stuff and opening drops and receiving thousands a day. and then theres me that waste and lose over 4K in bitcoin . this never make sense to me still after all the years. paypal coinbase venmo stripe braintree everything has fail for me, perfect rdps and socks , perfect setups, always good ip scores and everything residential, fresh fulls that i make myself and i still make nothing. im so sick of turning off my pc and still being broke. can anyone point me in a direction that will lead me somewhere in this fraud game ?
  4. I come from e-commerce

    Nice writeup Asuka
  5. Bypass selfie verification?

    is there a way to pass a selfie verification?