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  1. Есть кто в Швейцарии?

    Всем прива, хочу сгонять в Швейцарию на тачке. Может кто там есть? Покажет что-то и расскажет?
  2. А фильтры на длину tr1 на процессинге или у эмитента не встречал никогда?
  3. EMV chip AQRC generate

  4. EMV chip AQRC generate

    Hello. I think many thought on the topic of ARQC and chip cloning in general. Today I will try to speculate on this topic. The creators of the EMV system are clearly not fools and have made the task of replacing the storage medium as complicated as possible. When we worked with a magnetic strip everything is pretty simple. The original media is not protected from data compromise in any way, since it does not have cryptographic protection and the data is static. With the advent of the chip and the EMV system, everything became more complicated. Now the card has its own role in conducting a transaction, that is, the opinion of all three parties is now taken into account during the transaction: POS terminal, card, bank issuer The card can interact with the terminal giving it answers to all its questions. Dialogue example: * a person enters a pincode on the terminal and presses the green button * Terminal - Card, is the entered pin correct? * the card checks the pin with the contents of the encrypted pin-container on the chip * Card - Yes, right. So, there are 2 types of chips: SDA and DDA. SDA chips are very similar to a magnetic stripe since they have static certificates of authenticity of cards based on card data (PAN, exp. Date, etc.) DDA in turn possess greater cryptographic powers. They have the ability to calculate the ARQC cryptogram. ARQC - a cryptogram confirming the authenticity of the card. You ask: "Why is ARQC a guarantor of bank card authenticity?" Everything is very simple: at the factory where the card is made, MDK (Master Derivation Key) is recorded in the chip in the encrypted applet, which is also stored on the issuer's bank server. This key should NOT be pulled out or read from a genuine chip. Therefore, only a genuine chip can have the original MDK of the issuing bank. When making a transaction, the card calculates ARQC based on MDK + parameters from the POS terminal (date, time, transaction amount, etc.), after which the ARQC with data from the POS terminal is sent to the server of the issuing bank, which also in turn calculates AQRC based on MDK key and data from the POS terminal. In the end, the issuer bank compares its ARQC cryptogram with the cryptogram sent by the POS terminal and issues the ARPC (response cryptogram, allow or reject the transaction). RESULT: you can get ARQC using these methods: This POS + genuine MDK card (not suitable, since it does not make sense) POS terminal emulator + genuine MDK card (suitable only where to download the POS terminal emulator on a PC and so that it can interact with the real card?) And after that we sew the ARQC received by us from a genuine card with the original MDK into the memory of the JCOP card; after trying to ask the ARQC card at the POS terminal, the card will issue as a response the cryptograms prepared by us from ARQC, since Our JCOP card does not have an MDK key and cannot independently calculate the ARQC. Question for connoisseurs: Can the CVV to TRACK 2 equivalent change on a chip?
  5. Cooperation with CC sellers

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  6. Cooperation with CC sellers

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  7. Cooperation with CC sellers

    Good day. I will be glad to cooperate with people who have QUALITY material from FIRST HANDS. Intermediaries and etc not interested. Is adjusted for long-term cooperation. Any countries and bins. All offers in PM.
  8. Looking for USA VNC+POS

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  9. Looking for USA VNC+POS

    Hello. Need USA VNC+POS. Only USA, with other offers pls don't distribute
  10. Looking for a provider of valid material for long terms

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  11. Looking for a provider of valid material for long terms

    Good day. I am ready to offer cooperation to people who have really valid material. In the priority of the exotic, to be exact JP, CN, UK, FR, Bahamas, Caribs. Ready to swipe: 101,121,126,201. As with the pin, and without. Good % for you Contact: tortila@jabb.im
  12. Looking for deds/VNC with POS

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