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    Did you guys wrote black ?? About this reptile?
  2. Need good drops !!

    I dont use icq - payments will be fully authorized. I got back from work now i start look my inbox here..to try to find good partners.
  3. Need good drops !!

    Sorry, if im not reply yet to all, its because im very busy. I will check soon my inbox. And will try to contact asap work is still up up ! Just a lot prepariation and things have to do first
  4. Need good drops !!

    Funds will be in the drop account about in 8-11days max. Account stay alive for 4-6months at least.(some drop accounts stay alive even longer like 1year.) 10-20k will be transfered in 10days time period. Usually 50k per drop. Need serious drops !! Austria Australia Belgium Canada Denmark Finland Germany Ireland Italy Luxembourg Netherlands New Zealand Portugal Spain Sweden United Kingdom United States Добавлено через 6 минут 54 секунды A lot money can be made constant work with long term partners! To build trust ammounts for first deals will be small like 10k max.
  5. I have my account there from year 2014' But i dont sell it the price will be more then 10k. Since its good account i dont think i should sell it with cheap price
  6. Emt interac error solved!

    Got solution for emt canada interac. Transfers, no errors and all goes smooth. How ? First and most important is clean ip. Its even better to use some trusted publick ip then Messing with vpn shocks rdp. (Most of the websites like banks can detect if you might be using vpn or shocs rdp anything. Low connection can be problem so if your connection is low then the automatic detectors will see that. Why your emt transfer keep getting blocked? You have to make first clean transfer (any ammount) with drop account. Then wait for just 2days and your account will be perfect even to receive ammounts like 2k easy per emt transfer. Always use same ip adress wich you been using with the clean transfer. The sender and receiver internet broadband network can be same as sender it doesnt matter as long as its clean. I hope it helps !! Ok. Добавлено через 5 минут 7 секунд Best is just make one clean transfer to drop account from real account. If the account is new it might get blocked,even with small transfer but then you go trhough whole verification process and you can proof that it was real account holder who sent funds. After this verification your account will be free to receive any emt transfers! Also amazon using the same method if first transfer goes through then you can use even different credit cards with different account holder names.
  7. Company bank drops over Eu and scandinavian area. Min ammount 20k. Per transfer. Can work with escrow
  8. Share carding ideals

    Wrong time to come in carding! Now its more harder then it was years ago! You have to learn alot of things before you even make few humdred bucks!
  9. Booking and airbnb jobs

    If you serious,then pm we will discuss privately about business!
  10. Booking and airbnb jobs

    Anyone? Pm to discuss more! Escrow 100% welcome!
  11. who can load uk accounts?

    From logins its allmost impossible to load uk drops !! No others but maybe TSB. And credit card top up ?? No dont give guys your credit card details people claim to top up but they just use your cc details for many ways.
  12. i need spam sender

    Im looking good spam sender. You can work with % or i pay you just for sending spam. Im also looking for email leads providers ! UK ONLY. PM FIRST CONTACT
  13. What coins you hold ?

    Gold is good, but i mean crypto coins !!
  14. What coins you hold ?

    I hold: btc/ bch/ eth/ ltc / xrp. Those 5 i think they most safe to keep money in What coins you hold ?