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  1. this big hacker caught in maldives

    Roman Seleznev, the case is from 2014, ok. but I still don't understand how this guy was caught if the Maldives don't have extradition treaties with the US can someone explain me ?
  2. Other sites like Card Club?

    I want to know this too
  3. russian hosting provider bitcoin

    Do you know any hosting provider in russia or other offshore location accepting crypto or btc ? the company and DC should be in russia
  4. spamming

    where I can find affiliate ? who will pay for spam traffic ?
  5. spamming

    How to start into spam marketing with email ? how to find affiliate that pay for spam traffic ? where to begin ?
  6. About computer security

    Do computer (un)security really exist or it's was created from scratch for geopolitical purpose ? Because the more I know the more I found shit inconsistent, if we really wanted we could make all the shit really more secure for example with the software packages on Linux : we could make software more secure with good compiler flags like how it's done in fedora or redhat distro but most distro don't do it, same for the credit card security etc What are your through about this ? Any comments are welcome
  7. credit card pin atm

    I don't know much about carding I live in France, do you know if I can buy easily a credit card with his pin for cashout in atm or this is difficult ? :/ thank you guys, if you know please provide a shop url or something thx