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  1. And what may be unclear-we are engaged in the sale of Bank cards. Man, a lot of inappropriate words: "brevity is the sister of talent."If you are interested in the material, please contact us-get advice. Telegram: @acapitov Skype: exspert.company Jabber: acapitov@sj.ms Почта: acapitov@gmail.com site: biz-firm.org
  2. Read cap all clearly written . If you don't know what it is, you don't need it. If you have any questions, please contact us in the messengers .
  3. Debit (ATM) cards of different banks, EU countries, CIS, Russia. They operate all over the world. You can issue a Bank card under the order! +Large selection of banks and regions +Full support +optimal warranty period To date, about 70 sets! The price can be found on the website: (online store) biz-firm.org almost always available top banks-Sberbank, Gazprombank, AlfaBank, Zenit Bank, Concord, URALSIB, opening, Piraeus, VTB 24, Promsvyazbank, Tinkoff Bank, Post Bank, QIWI Visa Wallet. If you can not find the card you are interested in, write to the contacts. Debit card package: - debit card pin or code.envelope - linked SIM card - codeword - color scans of passport and tin - login and password to access the Internet Bank Operating conditions Guarantee: 1.The standard warranty period is 60 calendar days, after the warranty period, the card continues to work, we do not reissue the cards, usually our cards live very much. 1.1.There are also cards with a guarantee of safety of funds for the long term, you can store money on the card and be 100% sure that the drop will not steal and block the card, in case of theft of money by drop, we will fully reimburse your losses and replace the card with the same guarantees. Such cards are used strictly in the white direction, in the case of the use of such cards under the gray scheme guarantees on them are canceled. All questions and arrangements on individual guarantees write on contacts. 1.2.If the card is blocked at the initiative of the Bank (criminal actions on your part), the card is not replaced. If the Bank blocks your funds (criminal actions on your part), we will try to get the money for%%%, but can not guarantee success. 1.3.In the presence of defects in the kit (which is excluded by 99%), violations of the configuration of this kit can not be used. Do not use incomplete material. Using such a kit means that you are satisfied with the material, and removes from us the responsibility for sending the missing documents and for their replacement. Delivery; delivery is carried out worldwide, at the expense of the buyer. Telegram: @acapitov Skype: exspert.company Jabber: acapitov@sj.ms Mail: acapitov@gmail.com Site: biz-firm.org Info for Google: debit card, buy, card cash to purchase a debit card, buy credit card, sell debit cards, debit cards sell, sell debit card to order the map of Europe, EC cards, selling debit cards in USA, buy debit card England, selling debit cards, selling debit cards, debit cards, debit cards, buy card, debit card, plastic, cash, cash card for cash, debit card not expensive, purchase-sale debit card services debit cards, visa, master cards debit card to order America, favorable conditions for the purchase of debit cards, services for the sale of ready debit cards, ATM, ATM debit card, buy vizagold, buy ATM Bank card to purchase a Bank card States of America, by the left Bank, buy the Bank card drop, buy a Bank card without the visa purchase card us Bank - Europe - CIS, order a debit card abroad, delivery of debit cards in