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  1. can someone kill this dump for me on pos ?

    4023600906928652=20032212878634700000 has 6$ i want it killed please.
  2. EMV Writer in Canada ?

    Stop flooding and bumping old thread stupid cunt
  3. Someone use the stuff or softwares from all--skimmer.tools

    lol!!, wtf?! the real sellers of emv 8.6 are scam = emvglobalsolution well known scammers, so we don't understand.. you're trying to advertise for them! i guess you are them ! will report you
  4. fuck chinese , all time wasters
  5. Question: how online checker works?

    i want a checker to check at any amount even 100$
  6. Question: how online checker works?

    anyone can give me details on how online dumps checker works. if it was tested (checked) for 1$ for example to see if live ( approved) what happen? it is tested on a pos? virtual pos? the 1$ transaction will be shown on original card holder's transaction's card page? can someone explain please? Добавлено через 1 час 11 минут 6 секунд can someone help me with detailed explanation please. i need to get some knowledge.
  7. WTF???

    who told you this forum is an elite carding forum? this is full shitty people and rats. you're mistaking if you though this lol.
  8. Can anyone vouch for c2bit/centralshop/cardhouse?

    who are u a clone repeating others posts to increase posts?
  9. few skimmers(NCR, WINCOR)

    get verified before you sell, isn't t that the case you always tell the other to do? or you are an exception ? i think forum rules that you have to be verified if you want to sell skimmers or dumps etc.. lol
  10. Cutlet maker "КОТЛЕТА"

    if u don't know english don't write here and bother.., nice status lol
  11. Emv china

    great chip processor
  12. about emv software

    You still say , you will test and tell us results, we are telling you the software is a scam , fake. you are still arguing about "if work .. " lol. you are fake i added u on icq u block. you are emvglobalsolution
  13. about emv software

    you are emv-global-solution the fkn ripper!! they are scammers idiot and everyone knows it! before u say you bought read about people who bought and fell in the trap before you do, either way, whether you are them ( which i m certain) or not , get ur stupid hardware and you will find out it is a fkn crap