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  1. Teach me to harvest my own cvv

    Could you explain a bit more? i done a bit of googling, are you talking about running this sort of software "CARD RECON is a data discovery tool that scans storage media and systems that may hold cardholder data." Once have access to RDP, simply run this software and you might strike luck? But obviously the RDP would have to be some sort of processor or something similar right? to have these cards on there in the first place...
  2. Coinbase Seize Funds?

    for those of you that dont know, if you send money str8 from coinbase to a dirty BTC Address they will cancel your account
  3. looking for AU,UK bank drops

    Your on my list, reminder i have AUS Drops ready to go
  4. Which OS shoud I use for carding?

    are you talking for carding? or just to browse around cc shops? sometimes its best to find an offline vendor (via ICQ, JABBER) deal with him direct, you will know soon if hes got good cards, i never seem to get luck with the online shops well in the past i havent tried recently
  5. I am wanting to check if bank logins are valid and to check there balances, i dont want to kill the accounts and want to know what is the best way to check them? I have the IP of the user, i was going to match that as close as possible to a RDP, using the same carrier, state and city if possible, simply log in check what i need and logout What are your thoughts? Is there a better way to do this? Thanks I will need to check quite a few, and i think it would be better to use fresh RDP per login...
  6. jojojaijai: Sent you a PM I have a few AUS bank drops available right now, and can get MANY more, lots of different banks too, Send me a PM, i dont mind if drop gets burned, as i can get MANY more
  7. Cardeable electronics/vaper/hoverboard/bitcoin web

    lol never seen that before, made me laugh
  8. Good ccs bad shops

    seems like the sites have higher security, i think they got off a Fraud Score, i had a list of what they check for, eg; is ip backlisted, how close is it to cardholders location, timezone correct, is email a carders email, etc...i know some sites are very tricky, clean your java temp files too i know some cleaners dont do them.... lots of different reasons, check the cards with AVS Mismatch to make sure there is enough money on card?
  9. most places will want at least a scan, and now they make you do a selfie with the card/drivers license Very difficult these days
  10. Bank transfer needed to AZN drop in Au Australian

    Ive got currently ING DIRECT and COMM Bank bank drops, can get many more bank drops with a lot of different banks If your looking for drops, i dont mind if they get burnt like i said ive got many more i can get a hold of pap3rs @ pro ton mail . com wickr: pap3rs1337 Or give me a PM Добавлено через 52 секунды Ive sent you a PM
  11. AUS Bank Drops available

    Hi There I have good supply of AUS Bank Drops, different banks too. I have full online access, as well full control of ATM Card so there is no middleman, deal directly with me If you think you have use for, send me a PM or pap3rs at proton mail com