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  1. Can anyone vouch for c2bit/centralshop/cardhouse?

    Hi my shop that I usually use has ran out and won't be back in stock for another month, so I found c2bit/centralshop/cardhouse, they have 5000 uk cards available but I notice that someone is buying them the moment they are added (even though theres older ones available). So 1) is it trusted? 2) Is there a reason why someone is buying out the newest but not the ones that are 2 weeks old?
  2. Got UK bank drops and can cashout to BTC

    Hi, I've got virtual bank drops which can receive up to 2k every week. I also have 1 high street bank account which I have docs for so I can purchase BTC. Let's partner up, I'll be your cashout partner P.S. I speak only English, I have 4/5 years carding experience using payment processors (my method is now burnt hence why I'm looking for other ways to make money). PM me. Добавлено через 6 минут 36 секунд Looking for a lifetime partner, not a one-off.
  3. Verified by Visa - Is the user-agent all that matters?

    Hi As we all know, Verified by Visa is an extra layer of security which banks employ to prevent unauthorised transactions. 3D Secure (VBV) uses a technique called browser fingerprinting (and cookies) to identify the shopper, without this everyone would appear to be the same person (IP being the only identifier left), after the card holder has successfully proven themselves their browser fingerprint is remembered and cookies are stored on the computer, this way the card holder does not need to complete verification in the future, instead VBV recognises that the device was previously used and gives the all clear, however if a new device appears then the shopper will be asked to call their bank to confirm the purchase (they only do so if the payment or item is high risk), if the device appears to have been tampered with in an attempt to obfuscate the true fingerprint (Antidetect, fraudfox, useragent changers, VPNs, socks etc.) then VBV will block the transaction and will not give you the option to enter or reset the password (it also does this if the payment is out of the ordinary or high risk). This is my understanding... What I would like to know is whether Verified by Visa / MasterCard SecureCode uses more than just the user-agent string? I've noticed that fullz sellers provide only this information so that leads me to believe it's all that's needed. The logical side of me keeps saying "Why would fullz seller go through the hassle of selling cards when they could quite easily use the cards for themselves". A year ago I was trying to figure this all out, I gave up and came to the conclusion VBV is unbeatable except in cases where the merchant doesn't use VBV (non-vbv/cardable site) or the card is not enrolled (non-vbv) (and fuck being one of these people hunting down bins, after all they'll eventually run out and what then?), since then I've been using payment processors but my method is now burnt so I'm back to square one which is why I'm here asking this question. I'm going over this, appreciate any help I get
  4. what to do with vbv

    Hi If you can actually get past the Verified by Visa screen using cards that ARE enrolled, then I know of a website which allows you to top-up the account and then in 3 days the money is deposited into a virtual bank account which you can then make a bank transfer from. I know how to clean the money and convert to bitcoin after making the bank transfer (setup another virtual bank account, using real (stolen) docs, sign up to a cryptocurrency exchange and buy coins via. bank transfer, then convert coins to XMR and tumble). Non-vbv cards will not work. In exchange, you will tell me what steps you took to bypass Verified by Visa, I know how to set browser fingerprints or create a new device fingerprint and how fraud prevention systems work (AI, cross-referencing, risk/trust score etc.), you won't have a moment where I don't understand, I've done 30k using payment processors but now I've burnt my method and looking for a new one, if I could beat VbV I'd be laughing rolling in cash without fear of any repercussions.
  5. Where can I buy UK cc?

    Hardly anyone is selling UK cc, and if they are they aren't selling enough to be my go-to vendor. Can you suggest a site?