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  1. Need CA drops!

    It sounds very serious deal. Im sure it has 100% success! I can tell that by just looking this post. Its just good to see if professionals working !
  2. need partners in : next countries

    An Outstanding Essay Writing Service for Students.
  3. need partners in : next countries

    Canada usa uk australia new zealand are the main countries! 5-10% plus bonuses to you. For active partners we pay good extra money!! Partner should find university students who needs essays , resumes or cover letters from us. Good prices and quality work we have contacts with people who been in this biz more then 8 years. If you can provide traffic from your website to us then we can discuss this with you. We are just starting amd need long term good partners. Long term business. First contact PM.
  4. who can offer job or need partner ?

    Who can offer job or need partner, Europe area! I can add deposit ,escrow not problem ! Good partners welcome!
  5. Call Service

    Mailer-Daemon,how you know he dont have-? 10$ is pocket money its nothing !

    Not much work over Uk , at least i dont have much ideas or not heared about jobs over uk
  7. what to do with vbv

    Buy some btc its worted. Here is the method: choose those who have phone verification system. Add legit clean prepaid card buy some bitcoins, then wait few days and then you can use vbv. It wount get flagged since your account not new and first transaction went thru. Good luck,i hope it helps !
  8. need ddos service provider

    im looking for ddos service provider. or partner who can excute good ddos more info send PM!

    Btc is not dead !! Even the price of btc is low.. then think about it someone still buying it !! Those who buy they not stupid. Btc is still strongest crypto currency on the market, you can buy goods online with bitcoins and ypu actually pay shops with btc... how many other cryptos are there wich has so large mercahant network?? Ethereum is second crypto by volume but...eth is mainly for ICO, Projects. Btc will stay for long and it will not going anywhere anytime soon !! Same thing with Stock markets, thats why fraud is happening..to bring company stock price low and then...some one will buy that stocs. Thats how all the billionaires make wealth themselfes. Buy cheap and sell high. Добавлено через 5 минут 4 секунды Second thing i like to add is that, bitcoin is not made by person who we use to know. Bitcoin is made by someone else, and this very same people nake rumours like btc going down. They say this to make btc holders to sell their coins for cheap. Btc and blockchain is owned by few people. They control the game !
  10. webstressers?

    Some can be scammers, as thiebes steal from thieves !! Damed who do this !!
  11. webstressers?

    Good service webstreeessers? Anyone knows?
  12. Do not use bad language with me !! Did i said anuthing bad to you ?? You think i will reply to you here the same arrogant way like you do. No men im better then that. Im well educated and very solid person Im not lazy or idiot...i just know that even trusted websites with FAKE REVIEWS ! Can be scams !! And thats sad. But you back off dont insuilt other members without reason, i wait your apoligize !! If u dont apoligize you are men without HONOR ! Treat others the same way you expect they treat you ! You should learn some manners ,try to be more solid person ! Thank you !!
  13. Dont just say its good you should explain your statement what u made here with facts and arguments. Why you think its good are you using this? As we know in the crypto world a lot scammers how i know its good one ?
  14. Cryptopay i heared and many other debit card providers suspended clients accounts due to visa card restrictions . Its piece me off.. we need good solutions to have eaasy and quick fast access to crypto money! Nothing good and reliable out there.