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  1. hello

    in shops go in vendors of dumps and choose jokerstah
  2. hello All dumps 101 201 cahiers Dubai

    https://crdclub.ws/member.php?u=124687 one of ur clones are banned second will be you so stop getting clones here u wont get any 1$ from ur ripping scheme u fucking ginger boy get a life or let ur mom to make pancake for breakfast you fucking pure boy
  3. hello All dumps 101 201 cahiers Dubai

    you must have strong balls to swipe in dubai ,ive herd they can hang you for that lol
  4. group only emv softwares not sales

    why the fuck u need to share ur gods ??? who will share the method how to make 10k weekly ? only broke idiots trying to catch some fish here who will try to ask ok hey where did u buy ur emv ? may u share the icq come on mother fucker go get real job stop this bullshit
  5. Drops for stuff are needed (Germany)

    i have germany drops if u need PM ur jabber
  6. hi i working with emv

    fucking idiots omg kids fuckers
  7. skrill ask for selfie i think
  8. How to register on try2check?

    yes of course if u dont want to kill ur card use donation site bro any donation site
  9. N/A - icq 431879324

    u are also ripper u have status of banned ripper in some forum