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  1. I come from e-commerce

    Unbelievable amount of information in just a few posts. Thank you AsukaCredit and jamesbondd, this info is pure gold for me and other members too. I will now try to answer some of the AsukaCredit's questions: -You mentioned wanting to try a centurion. Why? Try thinking about this process rationally-why would anyone with a centurion card try to buy a $50 game code? that is much too cheap for someone with such a card. success in carding comes when you successfully impersonate the individual, and this can be done so long as you use common sense. If you're looking to purchase something like a $50 code, then use a standard credit card and maybe you'll see higher success I was just reading random info everywhere and I didn't realize that centurions are for high-ticket items and pro carders. Standard credit card it is from now on. -Do you have a good burner number for verification calls? This can be crucial in many instances. A good number mind you-not some virtual shit. Unfortunately NO. I am in Europe, currently I don't know how to get an US pre-paid SIM, I will look into this, thank you. -5socks is a good socks5 provider. How are you using the socks? I like to use the software proxifier and run everything through that as mozilla can leak stuff randomly I find. Are you checking for DNS leaks? Go here to check http://dnsleak.com/ you can enable "resolution through proxy" in the proxifier settings to use that proxy's DNS Yes, at this part I am careful, I use proxifier and firefow and set proxy sock in BOTH of them, then check with check2ip.com, and whoer.net and 3-4 other checkers and adjust everything (time zone, java, flash etc.) until everything is green -If all of the above sounds like too much work for you... Not at all, you have just filled the gaps in my setup Actually, I was doing similar thing on gift code sites. Created an account, and randomly browsed the website, logout, leave it for an hour and get back and try to card. But chatting and leaving it for a day or two sounds reasonable. How do you search for cardable site? Go through them all until you hit the winner? I was doing "10th page of the google search result shop" method. Also, what about using non-US CCs? I see they're more expensive on jstash, must be the reason for that? German CC, German socks and German site? Hm? Cheers!
  2. I come from e-commerce

    It could be, actually I didn't had bin list, I choose cvvs randomly :noob: After researching after my own stupidity, I realized what may be the problem. I also came across to some non-vbv bin list, amex centurion bin list, and what not, I am thinking about trying those... My mind is exploding, overwhelmed with information. I understand that this is cat-and-mouse game, and that I just have to make a lot of mistakes to find the right way and I am trying not to loose a lot of $ on that way. Currently, I bought a bunch of private SMSs to open gmail and yahoo accounts, maybe that would help. I kept that at minimum, like 45$ - 75$ Here's exactly what I've tried: -game codes from various not-so-popular sites -gift codes from popular and not-so-popular sites -t-shirts (with my designs) to earn affiliate commission (not too much, just to test the waters lol) -even buying btc on virwox, they didn't had the chance to ban my account, payment didn't went through from the beginning Am I on the right track? Any hint on what BINs to look for (I am not asking for lists, jus for hints :wink: ) Cheers
  3. I come from e-commerce

    Ok, I am doing something wrong here. I have tried few amex, visa and mc cards from jstash (signature, green, world cards) just to give it a go and see how this works. Setup: PureVPN, socks from 5socks(.)net at the same city. No dns leak, everything looks fine, at least whoer(.)net says that. Mail on cc's name with outlook. (?) Visas always wanted VBV (pre-approved numbers phone verification) so fuck visas. Amex almost got through, but few minutes later after purchase I got an email that order is canceled. Mastercard just says that the transaction is canceled and to call the bank. Shipping addresses were ALWAYS same as billing addresses. I have tried few sites I usually buy shit from, and few that suppose to be good for carding (digital goods) and no luck. Everything TYPED correctly etc. What am I missing? Is it my choice of cards? Do banks always want to confirm transactions by the phone? Is it 5socks? Is it everything above?
  4. I come from e-commerce

    Wow, all the great answers when you ask the right questions I am glad that I am definitely thinking in the right direction. Cheers, guys, thanks so much for the input
  5. I come from e-commerce

    I thought so... Right now I am brainstorming ideas to make something out of it. I am also thinking about buying expensive digital goods which can help my business, any insights on carding digital files, tutorials etc. which doesn't require shipping? Just a crazy thought
  6. I come from e-commerce

    holla, fuckers! Great thing you got here, on this forum. I have been reading the forum up and down for a few weeks or so now. Just created new account because shit here got me paranoid I was making a living from e-commerce for 5 years now, shopify, dropshipping, ali, fb ads, etsy, affiliate, t shirts, that kind of shit. While I was setting up my burner laptop with vpn and sock5, it crossed my mind to ask this precious community about any ides how I can pull of carding with my online stores? It would be great to "buy" stuff from "myself" and don't send anything to the "buyer" lol, you know what I mean :* Can I compromise my legit shop with 2-3 orders a day? What would 2checkout do about this? Anyhow, I am from Serbia, if there's somebody willing to share some shit with me, or to make partnership, shoot me a PM.|| Stay healthy!
  7. I need SSN/DOB with my CCs

    Hello fuckers! I'm having a big issue, and it's finding an SSN for my CCs. I'm buying CCs from jstash and it's always important to find matching SSN for my method to work. BUT naturally, it's not always that easy. Jstash's SSN service is great, but not every victim is listed in his SSN service. It's frustrating because on every 10 CCs I buy, I can find only 1 matching SSN, and that's after I try FB and whitepages research etc. I also tried ssndob.cc site but without luck. Is there a way I can know which BIN, zip, state, or whatever has the most listed SSN info? I'm now stuck with a bunch of useless CCs because of that. Problem is that jstash's and ssndob.cc search works only with first name and last name, and I can't know last name before actually buying CC info. Is there any SSN service which can allow me to search SSN with first name and (for example) ZIP code? My method could be working if I could know what CC to buy that has also listed SSN/DOB. I'm willing to share my method with anybody who can help me with this shit. Thank you