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  1. i need somebody in Peru

    subj pm
  2. atm jackpotting is very easy

    hello, we did few tests and if atm has agilis 5 fresh update (came in june )- soft will not work, so if you want 100% success you have to be sure that atm has Agilis 4.x software on board.
  3. atm jackpotting is very easy

    soft works on all versions of Agilis 4.x after infection we get full access to atm, in Europe 30-60k euros we can get from one jackpotting, only serious people
  4. atm jackpotting is very easy

    still looking for partners
  5. atm jackpotting is very easy

    ^^I've seen it before on other board and the seller said it was private and exclusive. ^^ yes it is private i offer jackpotting. Working with escrow or instant payment in online mode is very welcome… example: you got 10к$ cash i got my share in the same time in btc and so on until the end
  6. atm jackpotting is very easy

    my software works on any diebold, wincore models. Also we can work with ncr but need to connect laptop to usb or rs232 of atm still looking for serious people who have experience or have access to atm machines welcome pm
  7. atm jackpotting is very easy

    u have to connect lan wire from atm to our raspberry pi for 1 minute and machine starts withdraw all money I have software ...not for selling only for working on % pm
  8. card reader

    why do u need only audio? works perfect on magtek decoder
  9. Need VietNam And Cambodia partner

    I have ppl in Vietnam, they can cashout
  10. eu 201 dumps - where to use

    anybody knows how to get profit using eu 201/221 dumps( magnetic stripe) without pin thx a lot !!!
  11. offer to usa debet card owners

    looking for usa debet cards, ww17@dismail.de
  12. need cashout bin 471100

    anyone can do that ? for sure?
  13. italy sim swap i can do

    how much does it cost