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  1. italian bank logs

    i have many poste and right now a natwest from uk
  2. italian bank logs

    i have but are very hard to cashout because after sim cloning you need to clone the device, impossible for me, if someone know ho to cashout we can split
  3. search ecommerce by gatway

    this method dont work
  4. search ecommerce by gatway

    hi all guys. i card always an italian site with old paypal gatway. is possible find the version and search all sites with that version? i need to find all italian sites with that gatway same version. the gatway in photo is identical https://www.drupal.org/files/payflow-iframe-1.png help me pls Добавлено через 25 минут 28 секунд 4.8 version
  5. UK cc high balance help!!

    Hi guys, i have a lot of photos front back of uk cc, i can also take data with reader msr or nfc, im looking for a partner to cashout, i ask 25% and all banks available, i send cc for first after proof im not here to scam but just to find the good partner, im a carder too but i dont have good way to cashout execpt buy clothings so if someone can help me write here!!!

    pm me guys
  7. cashout natwest

    hi guys i need to cashout natwest i cant sim swap uk number i have all informations and the credit card number+exp+cvv related to the account i dont want buy clothings i prefere sell or make more money pm me
  8. the site https://cardershop.cc/ is legit or not?