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  1. Looking for USA drops!

    I have drops boss... I need wire transfers done
  2. Emv software X2 gold

    u fucking assholes
  3. Emv software X2 gold

    U guys are so dumb... I have the software and it def does work.... it’s hard to find bins... ot all banks change info with every swipe ... some banks don’t... the banks can def tell the difference it is very good for controlled work when u call the bank... but yes it works ... I can’t buy it again and I don’t know how it I can duplicate it.... I bought it with the laptop and program already on it Добавлено через 3 минуты 34 секунды And u also need the right chip to activate...and to use with the software... im in nyc the headquarters of this shit Lols
  4. bank logs..who wanna work?

    I need wire transfers or check drops ... I have multiple accounts good business man
  5. Looking for us based partner for cashout and pickup

    I have USA bank accounts I need loaded my friend