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  1. Chase Drop Needed

    how much deposit? I have a chase account but I'm low on touchable funds
  2. NFC

    how much for deposit?
  3. What can I do with this info?

    These bins will be either SMS, Email or Bank Call everytime..
  4. What can I do with this info?

    You get the Verizon account and pin. all you need is a clean sim swap to hijack SMS. Takes 30 mins.
  5. What can I do with this info?

    what can I do with this info besides tap and pay? CC# $BALANCE Phone: PIN: EXP: CVV: ZIP: Verizon PIN Verizon Account number Verizon Name: Card Holder's Name: DOB Billing address:

    elaborate please sir
  7. Quick dumb question about physical carding

    well I'll do you a solid and be a dick like everyone else lol I think you'd be good if you found a source that had d p on the regular. I have yet to have any real success physical carding...just a few hits...was considering going in another direction...mind if I pm you about virtual carding?
  8. is anyone carding gift cards?

    PSN and gamestop to be exact.
  9. fulls+pin question

    yes full 16, pin, cvv, expiration, phone number and last 4 ssn I believe Добавлено через 1 минуту 14 секунд do you mean can't? yes no track. just 16 digit card number with pin
  10. fulls+pin question

    so I have access to full CC with pin...so its not a dump and I don't have track 2...could I just add this card to a wallet and make a transaction at a store that takes NFC payments? thanks for the input fellow swipers
  11. debit dumps

    I'm obviously new and still learning. if anyone is willing to take me under their wing I would gladly pay for your trouble. my question is how do you use debit dumps that don't come with pin? do you just use credit at register? thats the only thing that makes sense
  12. Trafik - trafik234@exploit.im

    scammer lol I have proof of scam
  13. what percentage? Добавлено через 20 секунд what is the percentage?
  14. can you get PSN gift codes? will buy today Продаете ли вы код подарок PSN Playstation?