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  1. How to fake snapchat ?

    its not difficult! you can even donwload free soft for fake webcam,with the actual fake person. and with the fake voice !!
  2. canada logins

    canada not work very good.
  3. drops over Eu UK scandivia

    Mayer send me Pm you sound serious person! i work with Eu SEPA TRANSFERS. I NEED SOMEONE SERIOUS!
  4. EVERY NEWBIE should watch this

    motivational video work hard and reach your goals https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41Zjh3AirjU
  5. ANYONE even serious here?

    yes problem is if you do bank transfer,then many people can not afford escrow! but small transfers not even worted time and effort!! so many people just run with your money if you do transfer to them