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  1. USPS question

    i have a usps plug who delivers mail they said the old address doesnt receive any notice, only mail that was set to be delivered prior to the change of address may come like old bills and stuff, this came directly from my plug

    i got you bro, I got all type of templates and I wont even charge you if we can work out a deal..Have plenty other templates also
  3. Need drops for carding products USA and CANADA

    if its usps carrier i have unlimted drops, pm me
  4. High score fullz

    Im looking for a partner that can provide me fullz from a specific zipcode? If you can provide this we can make big money...im also willing to buy fullz from a specific zipcode..pm me so we can start this business asap..new hustle thats not saturated yet
  5. need us bank drops n unlimited us address drops

    Im looking for any us bank drops, no time wasters..it can be any bank and transfers are all under 10k...if interested hit me on pm and we can go from there.. I also can provide unlimited us address drops and we can discuss details through jabber or pm.. if u need my info pm me and i will provide it.. SEEMS LIKE EVERYONE IS RIPPERS THESE DAYS IM NOT AND IF YOU REALLY WANNA GET FAT BY EATING WIT ME THEN LETS GET IT... LETS MAKE SOME MONEY!!!!
  6. Education Hacker needed

    Im looking for someone to go into a community colleges system and change the status to graduate. so if i call i can verify that im a graduate and they can send me diploma...i will need grades up to date to verify that i am a graduate. IF YOU CAN DO THIS I CAN BRING YOU ALOT OF BUSINESS PM ME SO WE CAN EXCHANGE JABBER INFO TO DISCUSS DETAILS
  7. Need CVV/Fullz And Carders

    i have plug for fullz pm me
  8. Looking for who has US drop address

    pm me ur icq or jabber got plenty of drops and escrow is the only way i deal