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  1. Статус UP присвоен.
  2. Buying Card Checking Method

    Can for Germany amex
  3. UK NON VBV BINS 2018

    Who is this brainless retarded imbecile and idiot? Me rip you? Where ? In your broke imaginary dreams? This idiot sent me a message on pm asking if I had another username called sparkle which I don't know and I come to see this What kind of brainless retarded moron is this idiot? See the pm, this dumb dull kid sent me
  4. UK NON VBV BINS 2018

    I have for sale and I Glady accept escrow
  5. UK NON VBV BINS 2018

    Cos he is a brainless retarded imbecile
  6. UK NON VBV BINS 2018

    I accept escrow
  7. UK NON VBV BINS 2018

    Added me on which imaginary jabber? Don't let scammers scam you, I didn't send you my jabber on pm
  8. UK NON VBV BINS 2018

    Replied in pm
  9. UK NON VBV BINS 2018

  10. UK NON VBV BINS 2018

    Send yours here and I add you
  11. UK NON VBV BINS 2018

    Got for sale You dont have to send me .money upfront Just deposit in escrow
  12. tap and pay instore

    Yes there are other apps Mycard accepts only dumps Some other apps accept just cc ( not dumps) and I am not talking about Apple pay, Samsung pay or android pay And for the CVV app, I have noticed the cc bins that work on the app don't work well with the same dump bins using mycard
  13. tap and pay instore

  14. tap and pay instore

    I sell the bins for NFC tap and pay With proof of scan receipt Check my thread I gladly accept escrow
  15. UK non VBV BINS

    I sell and glaldy accept escrow