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  1. see your status before talk , and i am sure that you even dont know who is your father , i dont have time for you idiot -12 status , put the bins in your ass and keep silent , asshole , no one here can blame me as i never ripped anyone , dirty bitch son , dont write more as is an invite to fuck your whole family females , cock sucker
  2. dear mr idiot , am a buyer and have all the right to bargain before buy , if you dont be clear with your words , i cant just pay and see you runaway as on this forum here most people are changing id as it is free to signup , i dont have time to post all rippers as i work hard and have little time , not have all day time to be here on forum to phish 100$ and runaway , see your current status -8 , and go to see also , just posted one of the rippers , others are from omerta , so instead of barking , just start suck a cock just to keep your dirty mouth busy ,, all this bitching because i didnt gave you 100$ free ?? idiot , i post here for free all uk vbv processing bins , keep your in your pussy just to freshen you a bit , dirty broken asshole
  3. how much for the bins ?? accept escrow and if are still working i take it icq 621952516 jabber reazreaz@jabb.im , just if want to talk urgently , no direct payment etc while talk on messengers ,
  4. Spamming&Hacking Tools

    this son of bitch is ripper escaped with 100$ , fuck his whole family females
  5. Spamming&Hacking Tools

    this idiot still publish to sell fake services to ripp other users of this forum , nobody may deal with him , he is ripper and you will just get ripped , then will be late , admin , please take action
  6. Spamming&Hacking Tools

    you dont know me on telegram ?? bastard am same black786 see who is the one who fucked your mother , is from some days you dont answer more , said to send you 116$ , i sent u 120$ and now i am sure you know who i am , i have captured every screenshot before you can delete , just say you dont know me and then we discuss , or send back the funds or make the work for what you got paid , people like you ruined these forums , and i think if you get kicked on your ass , it will be better and please change your nick name , doctorsim dont sounds good , better doctorSCAMM
  7. Spamming&Hacking Tools

    BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE , this guy is a RIPPER , he runaway with 120$ and never answer me more on telegram , i have all screenshot , anyone who need see , am ready to send you , nobody may deal with him as youll get ripped only and nothing alse , so dont feed this bastard mother fucker , i will post him in blacklist rippers list so he dont ripp other users here , MAK please bann this guy i provide proofs

    can you just tell validity rate ?? , as i also bought from another spammer , same apple accs , and validity rate was 20% real on same day spammed as many people use virtual cards and is valid only one time
  9. Citizens bank sequret question bypss software

    contact me for the soft sale plz
  10. For Experienced Carders

    mrclutch5 , even you have 13 rep , no matter , you just need to tell people on here why you dont pay me for my work and escape from me ,, you are a number 1 cheater , send me my 3 k dollars as you better do it , i have saved all your chats and nextly if you dont contact me soon , i will post it all here you indian ripper , once u have difficulty to get the money , then your sisters engagement , after your phone goe damaged then btc seller dont sent you the coins after another sister going engaged and after that you dont answer more , u see my mess and avoid me , you are a great bastard cheater . and you need to be kicked off from here
  11. vmad invite

    dont use vmad as his admin same is a great ripper , and you will get delusion only .
  12. Is It Possible to Sell Dead Cards CVV???

    there are lot of ways to check card 100 times daily without killing or flaging it , and as cashteam says , even more ways to use , if you dont know what to do or how to do , is safe for you to sell them through escrow here , dont send for free or wait to get paid , good luck.
  13. Need India FULLZ

    when you pay for the works you take from me ? you are not a trusted guy and nobody may give you anything , as you have another ids over here , you better pay what you owe mr clutch5 same hollowlife and other id to fuck people here
  14. Orion Keylogger 2.1 Cracked

    this guy is mr bilal khan on icq and is also as admin of a fake forum made by himself , he says to sell many stuffs but end is is a professional scammer , beware of him and when i talked to him asking if hes from pakistan , he said noo , am russian , and his name is bilal khan , pakistani name , dont deal with his offers , or if you want to get ripped , at least try escrow with him and he will refuse clearly and is enough for you to see who is this ripper .